Crea8social 7.3 Nulled


Hello ,

Here is crea8social nulled with all plugins and API plugin as well ,
Mobile apps sourcecode is 500Mb so i am not able to upload on GIT will try to upload somewhere else after nulling that.
I have pushed this code on github so i can provide free updates for upcoming updates from crea8social.

If you have any plugin/theme for corea8social please share with me at so i can include in this repo.

Download Link : python911 / crea8social — Bitbucket
( its public in case if i make it private you can request access ,

i need some help as well : i will null more codes and apps , but most of codes work with licensing api and i need to create api host to make sure app works faster. ( if you have any question comment below)
So i need a subdomain where i can host api host files and folders.



Why can’t not install script? , It’s not redirect to install folder.

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You need to read installation guide as well

here : delete config.php and config-holder.php
and : rename to config.php
and : rename to config-holder.php
( if you do not see .hraccess file rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess)
It will start installation


OK, bro


Did you has mobile source

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i do - its in react , and i have some issue with my mac and i work on PC from few days.
i am not good in react on windows .

I will publish once i compile and it has also some api dependencies .
I have asked @savas if he can provide me a subdomain where i can host api files used in scripts.
these are just 10-20 kb files with an output of result for api call …

or anyone else can provide me subdomain hosting - i will make most of apps work with own api ( free) and i will also try to anable auto update for scripts that supports auto update i.e wowonder.

i will share when 1. i will have a stable - reliable subdomain from any friend ( mostly forums ) and once i will either learn how to use react native on PC or i will get hands on MAC.


I will give you a subdomain soon. And please update if you can null the apps. I have provided you both api plug in and apps.

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Yup - credit goes to you…
I have nulled API plugin - if you will install apps by your own - the will work fine.

You have to create a folder inside storage - i have created one example folder . Contains 8-9 folders -/:

Script is slow : because it checks for api and gets 404 result after few seconds then loads script considering its localhost - you can also check logs - you will find 2-3 errors on each request.

If you have 10 client in every minute you will get about 40 errors .


How to fix the master api?


Usually People Null Codes - By removing backlinks , apis links - i.e from wowonder script.

I prefer to create own - host purchase.php on own/local server -

So we have to just replace - with our url.

I do not touch any other files.

& I removed backdoor if any that works as SHELL in scripts.

Creating own files for php response is a challenge-


I would love to talk to you about some work. I have most 3rd party apps from cre8 and business account along with a shit ton of lightend 3rd party plugins


I a my hosting account on
I can give you space

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Thanks - i will manage ut ,
I need it an a server , that promises to ladt long .
Hosting is shared hosting and they might suspend your account because of me.


heyo if u need webspace i can offer [vps] access :smiley: free of charge but all i ask is that u keep up the work with nulling crea8social ive gone with wowonder and kontakt(formally social-plus) and this is best script to date so far (crea8social) so let me know please contact me at my site @

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Thanks @savas has provided me space on his server.

I guess wowonder is better , (mission plugins)
Crea8social is crap - ugly most of plugins are old they just change versions of plugins.
Its not faster than wowonder

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where can i download your version?

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GitHub removed my repo -
I will upload here soon


Ah ok would appreciate it is it the latest version? Have you thought about trying mega?
They are very good and you have 50GB free

here is there website: mega dot co dot nz

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i used mega for some years.
but they also do not allow nulled content … they remove after DMCA complaints …

I am searching for any Good DMCA ignored solution.


Can you email me the zipped file?

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