Breeze - Giant Social Network Platform




Version 6.2.0 (25 January 19)
Added: OnClick Script Update tool in admin panel, which supports download and installing multiple(In case you miss some) or single updates with just one click
Added: Huge database query system update to main functions in classes
Added: New query parsing function in database file, that improved code backend
Added: Extensions are now enabled in the script
Added: New auto update check in update website section of admin panel, that check for available updates
Improved: Home, added new backend HTML template for SVG loading
Improved: Extension log design
Fixed: Admin navigation not working for mobile users(From previous update)
Fixed: Groups members not updating when admin accept a member request
Fixed: Showing empty error message when user start chat with a unknown/non-followed user
Fixed: Now mobile users are allowed to update profile picture
Fixed: Undefined theme index bug on popular page
Fixed: Profile page, about not loading(Error fetching HTML temlplate)
Fixed: Missing titles on feeds page, ads page, boosting posts, groups and pages page
Fixed: Side navigation, href to profile page is not working
Fixed: Ads views not updating rare cases
Fixed: 15+ warnings that are filling logs, related to presets files and theme redirection
Fixed: Array operation on strings(When no users found in following list) warning


Interested in this aswell, if someone has a null version please be kind and reply! :smiley:


I’ve found only old version, 5.0 on old bbf, so if it helps u, visit > [GET NULLED] Breeze - Giant Social Network Platform - WoWonder | PlayTube | FLAME | PixelPhoto - BestBlackForum


I only need version 6.0 not really version 5