Best free "cpanel plesk directadmin" alternatives?

Can you offer best web panel Open Source?

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There are many -
I personally preffer CYBERPANEL it uses litespeed instead of apache its free.
Some more …
VestacP - well maintained
CentosWebPanel - Little slow

Tried webmin ajenti and bouth crap …

VestacP its crappy no ssl auto generate …

CYBERPANEL its not free just for one site and limiting cpu and rams …

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In cyberpanel you can use upto 3 sites i guess -
Yes in free litespeed license it supports 2GB ram only -/:
You can create swap on server if its SSD …

Then last option is CentosWP But i will not suggest it has some serious issues : it needs a dedicated server it will crash on VPS - i tried all free panels -
I will say CyberPanle is just OK - if you have single website - with normal to moderate traffic -
It is very fast even on 2GB ram.

In Free you will not get everything.

Then try nulling whmcpanel -/:

wow vestaCP changed so well i cand a like it now …

I have Cpanel activated license :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Cpanel-VPS license: 3$ monthly
CPanel Dedicated + Softaculous free: 6$ monthly
Directadmin: 3$ monthly
Litespeed ultimate License: 5$ monthly
LiteSpeed Web ADC -Load Balancer: 3$ monthly
CloudLinux License: 3$ monthly
Imunify360 License: 3$ monthly
KernelCare: 1$ monthly
Virtualizor: 3$ monthly
Solusvm - Master License: 3$ monthly
CXS - ConfigServer eXploit Scanner: 1$ monthly
WHM Reseller License: 1$ monthly
JetBackup: 1$ monthly
Softaculous Auto Installer: 1$ monthly
WHMAMP: 1$ monthly
Plesk Web HOST- VPS Edition: 2$ monthly
Plesk Web HOST - Dedicated : 5$ monthly
Outgoing Spam Monitor License: 1$ monthly
MailScanner Front-End: 1$ monthly

message me if you are interested

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I prefer Cpanel, the rest are useless, cpanel offers special bundles for new business owners, those seeking to launch a business, don’t waste time trying to find out a free alternative (the only alternative is to develop your own script like many companies do), cpanel prices will start from 0 (sponsorship) and rise as your business starts generating… I think best option is to purchase a used server with preactived and patched cpanel… this is the cheapest way to get pro cpanel for a new business,

you cannot launch a server with 2gb ram nowadays!!!

Cpanel is bad …
I prefer PLESK! much better, prettier, cleaner. is less expensive!

Hey, try Sentora

you can try this
is free

Jap looking good but email not in there :slight_smile:

It was developed by us Chinese people.

you ffom china? you not using emails ?