Android Native WebView for WoWonder


I am selling an android webview app I made that employs various performance and security optimizations including page caching and secure cookie storage for WoWonder. It will work on all versions of WoWonder including the latest versions. I plan to add push notifications and to support PixelPhoto and PlayTube in the near future. If you are interested I can send a fully functioning demo that uses your existing site. All I need from you is an app icon (512x512), optional splash screen (1080x1920), and your site URL. The price is currently $29 and I accept PayPal. PM/DM me or reply to this thread and I’ll set up a demo for you.

  • Future updates provided for free

if push notifications works then i ll buy from you…and what about future updates?is there is any charges for updates and the app will customisable user friendly ?

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I can customize the app for you for free when you buy it. There is not a ton of stuff other than a splash screen and your brand’s colors to customize. Future updates will be provided for free. Push notifications are not set up yet, that is a feature that will be provided in a future update. If that is a feature you need now, then you can wait to buy.


we will wait for the push notification… and goodluck for that to make it work…