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Found 40 results

  1. INFO: MagicApps is intended to use by You (as new Apps developer) and Your End Users (as App and ESN Users). MagicApps will hide from You all technology complexities and give You extreme productivity in new Apps development, so You can focus only to delivering the business benefits to Your Users. VERSION: DEMO LINK: https://10-d.tk/ltltv DOWNLOAD LINK: https://10-d.tk/n-n40
  2. phpAnalyzer is an online social tracking tool that gives you the ability to track unlimited Instagram Accounts and generating professional audits, including day by day tracking, engagement rates, top posts, top hashtags and top mentions and many more. Find the best influencers on instagram and keep them on track. It also comes with a Paypal and Stripe payment gateway so that your users can purchase benefits from your website. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/phpanalyzer-instagram-audit-report-tool/21933992 https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/rUCrKGVy/file.html http://userscloud.com/hf6z4gyn1mqj http://ul.to/ghpnw9k1 http://uploadboy.me/nm23fl03gdww/php_yzer-112.rar.html https://www.sendspace.com/file/2s1srb https://sendit.cloud/v5zd14adss4n https://openload.co/f/f32Dzw8wAds/phpanalyzer-112.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/AICCF9TC/phpanalyzer-112.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?7g6rtffqolymvjs https://www.file-upload.com/x9bucn7ninp0 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/a91e8e9b http://cloudyfiles.com/qgfuifz2uaja
  3. Hello 🤚 anybody can null this script ? 🤔 Download Indusrabbit v5.3 - SMM Panel
  4. Powerful Admin Panel 100% Responsive Accept Payments via PayPal Accept Payments via Credit Card Accept Payments from any Country Powerful Tracking System Stores System SMS Verification to Phone Number Email Verification SEO Ready Multiple Administrator Login via E-mail address Login via Social Media Scan QR Code Twitter & Facebook Autoshare Ads Upgrade System Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/everest-php-classified-ads-script/20234300 https://www41.zippyshare.com/v/4o5TuoPt/file.html http://userscloud.com/a9moj8tpeen5 http://ul.to/mjt3jg8p https://www.sendspace.com/file/deuylr https://sendit.cloud/06n4as95jhke https://openload.co/f/oUNBXbLxdjU/everest-139.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/ZHLY0ONN/everest-139.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?o3von7gc96de519 https://www.file-upload.com/xbaau1wdzik1 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/5bb2d0b6 https://dailyuploads.net/tqmyvdsl0clp http://cloudyfiles.com/7q9phftx03gp
  5. PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects. What will you learn? You will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla You will learn how to use Databases You will learn MySQL Object Oriented Programming You will learn how to launch your application online How to use forms to submit data to databases How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page You will learn about PHP security You will learn about sessions Password hashing Email sending You will learn to use composer (PHP package manager) You will learn to create clean URL's and remove the .php from files You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project You will learn to debug your code You will learn to create pagination You will code refactoring You will learn to debug (fix your code) You will learn to use an API to bring data from a database to a graphical interface Click here to Download - Part 1 Click here to Download - Part 2 Click here to Download - Part 3
  6. INFO: OVOO is a powerful, flexible and User friendly movie & Video Steaming CMS Pro with advance video contents management system. It’s easy to use & install. It has been created to provide a unique experience to movie lover & movie site owner. To observe of ISP needed we have made ovoo to use as multipurpose video cms. This application was built with advanced modules and many more powerful features for a complete video website management. Furthermore, it also supports CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 Framework that help use refined any device with semantic accuracy and highly customizable PHP based (CodeIgniter) application. VERSION: v2.5.1 DEMO LINK: https://codecanyon.net/item/ovoomovie-video-steaming-cms/full_screen_preview/20180569?_ga=2.59218541.1178212515.1528043180-741163705.1526534127 DOWNLOAD LINK: https://openload.co/f/hsEPCvlpx_4/OVOO_v2.5.1_Nulled_-_Movie_%26_Video_Streaming_CMS_with_Unlimited_TV-Series.zip
  7. Oki is a Pay Per Click Business Script, Suitable for PPC, CPM, PPV, PPA Business. Fully Responsive, 100% Secure, Anti-Fraud Enable PTC Base MLM Buinsess platform Developed with PHP Laravel. Included 1:1 Binary Matching and sponsor bonus facility. 100% Dynamic Admin Panel which allow you to maintain and change A to Z of you website. included 8 Automated Payment Method, Support Bitcoin, Package Based Registration System, Support Multiple Templates Color and More…. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/oki-pay-per-click-platform/21911195 https://www53.zippyshare.com/v/44hIJlLx/file.html http://userscloud.com/vdh3wknbi18n http://ul.to/z4mq06ti http://uploadboy.me/jldex88m58nc/oki.rar.html https://www.sendspace.com/file/h2wu93 https://sendit.cloud/yz8h7n8d34u2 https://openload.co/f/UCLpPDBex5E/oki.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0RZKBVUJ/oki.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?2n9161xjl1r1ab4 https://www.file-upload.com/htospaok7pp2 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/a79c8cbb https://dailyuploads.net/tdji1057adb5 http://cloudyfiles.com/je8dgmfcge3z
  8. Digital Sell Marketplace is a advanced lightweight PDO PayPal digital download script that lets you sell your products quickly & easily! This marketplace is very lightweight compared to other products on the market and comes packed with tonnes of professional features such as categories and subcategories, coupon codes and support to help your business run professionally and efficiently! Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/digital-sell-marketplace-php-script/21461481 https://www108.zippyshare.com/v/Hg4rtQNj/file.html http://userscloud.com/qaf330cy7c14 http://ul.to/fjdgdkia http://uploadboy.me/2dg42ecz6f7f/digitalsellmarketplace-11.rar.html https://www.sendspace.com/file/3qb07x https://sendit.cloud/yz3gb8yvik0m https://openload.co/f/SivS3iSFzSo/digitalsellmarketplace-11.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/E20QJK4N/digitalsellmarketplace-11.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?2uu58fw2fmi61ec https://www.file-upload.com/dkzwp2xpc7nv https://www.datafilehost.com/d/940b6343 http://cloudyfiles.com/hialdcwa9r3k
  9. anybody can null this? Download Indusrabbit v5.3 - SMM Panel
  10. PHP Form Builder is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions. PHP Form Builder includes the best jQuery plugins available and allows you to implement them in a very simple and elegant way. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/php-form-builder/8790160 https://www21.zippyshare.com/v/xwwdTOE5/file.html http://userscloud.com/hkwpy3nlmc03 http://ul.to/03cykd6e https://www.sendspace.com/file/75nopq https://sendit.cloud/wbfaov536pkc https://openload.co/f/QFOlL437JSs/phpformbuilder-351.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/17NXBS4O/phpformbuilder-351.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?cona13bdtdf7u0p https://www.file-upload.com/uqscn4l76a8k https://www.datafilehost.com/d/eb9d5354 https://dailyuploads.net/srqyptag0207
  11. A Real time instant messaging chat application build usingnCodeigniter framework node.js socket server Uses socket.io. So no continuous ajax request to load current chat data (Usually all chat application does to load/updates the current chat conversations) . Saves huge amount of Bandwidth and reduce unnecessary server load and costs. Stand alone application. No 3rd party dependency. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/chat-application-codeigniter-socketio-nodejs/20061969 https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/yg2TnowM/file.html http://userscloud.com/gf4vucdrazsk http://ul.to/zcudq852 https://www.sendspace.com/file/pzcs3k https://sendit.cloud/r7i7ltkbalgu https://openload.co/f/DWkAx9Q4igk/chatapplication-20.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/2JZ9JX4L/chatapplication-20.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?lql8o6998ysbbv9 https://www.file-upload.com/4fnn55pi2xm5 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/6233bc0b https://dailyuploads.net/2mf3of8dgwpu http://cloudyfiles.com/g9maxys8jpux
  12. This Product (Mp3OraXtr) is the most powerful product which utilize itunes, last.fm and youtube API very intelligently, give you the best and most relevant results you every seen in Search Engine Website. Script automatically find artist, album and complete album songs list, which help you and your visitors to download video files as mp3 on the fly without wasting time(using thirdparty website). Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/mp3oraxtr-php-mp3-search-engine/19550886 https://www60.zippyshare.com/v/EhrCA1bm/file.html http://userscloud.com/zq7nbcwactbv http://ul.to/7wo0k5dv https://www.sendspace.com/file/oawqxq https://sendit.cloud/ckg9glp9gv2w https://openload.co/f/gAumbrR48i8/mp3oraxtr-254.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/T06MSOOP/mp3oraxtr-254.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?6b1k3xve4b5o327 https://www.file-upload.com/pz2kf3be0vb1 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/681eb65e https://dailyuploads.net/qi8d7gvz5zz7 http://cloudyfiles.com/8wc09mptf71d
  13. Maxer Erp System - HR, Finance, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Email Notifications - Retail $200 RETAIL VERSION, NO LICENSE KEY REQUIRED. BE SURE TO LIKE AND RATE, MORE PREMIUM SHARES COMING! Download here: https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/q78QR75O/file.html
  14. The Next Gen School Management Software - Menorah Academy This is the latest version @ 7.0 - Save Yourself 99$ In-depth documentation included, Installation is simple. If any problems i will null this but it is simple to install without the need to be nulled. *** MAKE SURE YOU RATE / LIKE MY POSTS TO KEEP ME POSTING!! I COULD EASILY SELL THIS FOR 5$ TO MANY PEOPLE *** Download: https://www46.zippyshare.com/v/ucrqo2PH/file.html
  15. Taxi App - The best on internet cost 603 USD. This is a post to find someone to install it for me and my payment will be the complete files bought. Ate the first moment you can imagine that this file in on the internet but this is not the file on the internet cause the version on internet has only almost 400Mb that dont work because is the 29 USD version where the developer deliver to buyer not all files cause the developer make the installation in order to dont give the users the oportuinity of share on internet. But the complete and the working version they give to people who bought and the price is very high. My version is this version, that is almost 1GB total files and the cost is USD 603 (see the link below). So if yoy that is reding this, looked the guide (link below) and have certain can do everything in guide so you can contact me and i will give you the FIRST HALF of files(needed to install dashboard) and credentials of my amazon EC2 test account where you will make all the installation. So after put the dashboard online/working. So i will send the other half of files(need to build ios and android app) where i need from you just change logo,banner,text,etc to my own images,text and you build the APK and iOS apps. >>> So what you need to do to win the 1GB files that was paid 603 USD: Install everything like guide show. If you dont know how to do it please dont call me cause the first half of files is nothing without the other half and i will only give the other half if you complete the dasboard installation. The installation guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sik8oWEqpTkGIxWbVho3aNolEr0GmVZmFxJnJZsOGt8/edit See the prodcut page where i can be bought: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-backend-cms-coded-with-native-android/20562988?s_rank=4
  17. Froms Plus is a form framework. PHP version includes elements from JS version, plus PHP admin interface and form fields generation based on config files. Froms Plus has collection of contact, user, ecomerce forms, example of results page and allows you to create forms of any complexity. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/forms-plus-php-forms-framework/16155459 https://www106.zippyshare.com/v/O5eqTXtg/file.html http://userscloud.com/ut883bo7z95k http://ul.to/uywofh14 https://www.sendspace.com/file/d1fea1 https://sendit.cloud/0hm094xh1ekm https://openload.co/f/z3pChky1HmM/formsplus-121.rar http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1RKW6MDH/formsplus-121.rar_links http://www.mediafire.com/?b2abc5zaibs2803 https://www.file-upload.com/3vjy7i5sh6mh https://www.datafilehost.com/d/132534d8 https://dailyuploads.net/nvopxvfp9n6w http://cloudyfiles.com/cd0yxvw3nhic
  18. Sanamoon

    Wowonder Wowonder



    WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is the best way to start your own social network website! WoWonder is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.


  19. FeastCMS is a PHP content management system built on codeIgniter framework with fully functionality and customization. with FeastCMS you can manage your website whatever your activity with our awesome functions and features, you also can create your own theme with the possibility of custom options system with one line of code. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/feastcms-php-content-management-system/20347198 http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/yLqGtH7M/file.html
  20. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/everest-php-classified-ads-script/20234300 Download: http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/clDCR0GZ/file.html
  21. Peepmatches v1.2.0 - Advanced php dating and social script Build a creative and unique dating site with social networking features with peepmatches software . peepmatches has a new idea, because it collect dating sites features with social impression . it mean that with this software you can build your own dating site like badoo, twoo but it looks like social networking websites since we collect social networking features such as notifications, newsfeed, etc .., with dating features such as spotlight, chat and messaging system, etc…. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/peepmatches-advanced-php-dating-and-social-script/18397367 http://www108.zippyshare.com/v/5JsVCpkf/file.html http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/0SX0025O/peepmatches-120.rar_links http://uploaded.net/file/ok27brvu
  22. Coupon PHP Script CodeCanyon Version: 1.3 Create coupon codes that your users can use to download files through a web form and collect their email addresses on the way. Manage the coupon codes and files in the administration panel which also allows you to export all the the collected email address with the coupon codes used in CSV format. Create and manage coupon codes and files through the admin panel. Upload files through a web form or by any other means provided by your hosting like FTP. Make the coupons expire on specific dates or when a certain number of downloads is reached. Export all download email addresses and coupon codes in CSV format. Embed the download form in any web page. Changelog: 1.3 improve performance in the admin coupons index allow admin to create coupons importing codes from a file paginate the file coupons view in the admin panel update documentation set a default date timezone if none is set in the php.ini file Infos and Preview: http://codecanyon.net/item/coupon/4128085 DOWNLOAD: http://uploadboy.com/su43fc3d6viu/1862/zip
  23. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/feastcms-php-content-management-system/20347198 Download: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/YneefN7w/file.html FeastCMS is a PHP content management system built on codeIgniter framework with fully functionality and customization. with FeastCMS you can manage your website whatever your activity with our awesome functions and features, you also can create your own theme with the possibility of custom options system with one line of code.
  24. demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/roommate-and-real-estate-listing-classified-responsive-web-application/20466130 download: http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/V12wpXNL/file.html Roommate and Real Estate Listing Classified Portal is a php script that will help individual or a business to list available rooms or space for rent publicly in a few seconds. This will work best for roommate seeker or house owner to list their rent ads and to find rooms for their livings. Not only this but also a shopping mall owner can publish their free rental space ads. This is an easy application can be managed by user or admin.
  25. Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/directory-app-business-directory-script-build-a-city-guide/16447338 Download: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/PsHHksXk/file.html DirectoryApp is a business directory script written in PHP. With this script you can build “Yellow Pages” type of sites, city guides, local businesses classifieds and so on. This script is continuously being developed and updated.

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