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Found 207 results

  1. Version


    WoWonder is a PHP Social Network Script, WoWonder is the best way to start your own social network website! WoWonder is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Do you have any questions? please read our FAQs.


  2. I am looking for someone to configure my Wowonder applications (apps timeline android and ios, messenger and pc program), obviously I am looking for someone who has the nulled files and configure them, I will be paying $ 30 for everything. Thank you
  3. This is the clean and Nulled Version of latest Wowonder. i only change the index file in INSTALL folder, and several changes on requests.php I tested on Localhost and nothing wrong so far. Link = = >> Download Here (Server on Google Drive-- No Annoying Popup Ads) Help on installation?? just comment here source: Complete Script Source
  4. I am looking for someone to configure my Wowonder applications (apps timeline android and ios, messenger and pc program), obviously I am looking for someone who has the nulled files and configure them, I will be paying $ 15 for everything. Thank you
  5. Get here: https://ziwee.net/buy/plugins/fake_user_wo demo: https://ziwee.net This plugin is a great way to begin your network. Quickly add 5000-5,000,000,000 members in your network. It helps to give a quick kick start to your network. Features 1. Add lots of members in few minutes 2. Add profile pictures to all members 3. Add gender(male for male names and female for female names) with profile picture auto detection 4. Easy to use 5. Easy to modify Updates 2.1 Updated design Added admins ability to edit user verification Added country based users Updated script Added Uinames API Added twitter api to get images 1.1 added member genders added member profile pictures Updated name list Made easy to update and add new names 1.0 released
  6. Guys, I found a simple solution to verifying WoWonder Apps , Just Follow The Steps : 1. In WoWonder , There is a file called Requests.php, 2. Open and Search android inside it , 3. When you reach the first search result, it will be either about Android native app verification code or Android messenger verification code (you will know it when you see it, it's written ) 4. Observe : $data['android_status'] = 0; $data['windows_status'] = 0; $data['android_native_status'] = 0; if (!empty($_POST['android_purchase_code'])) { $android_code = Wo_Secure($_POST['android_purchase_code']); $file = file_get_contents("http://www.wowonder.com/access_token.php?code={$android_code}&type=android", false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions)); $check = json_decode($file, true); if (!empty($check['status'])) { if ($check['status'] == 'SUCCESS') { $update = Wo_SaveConfig('footer_background', '#aaa'); $data['android_status'] = 200; in the above code , footer_background is a row in a table and #aaa is its value. The above example is for android timeline app verification. 4.1 : Change the following from 0 to 1. $data['android_status'] = 1; $data['windows_status'] = 1; $data['android_native_status'] = 1; **Do This so that WoWonder Server or App When Uses The API To Fetch the status, It Thinks and tells Backend that this is legit copy. 5. Goto PHPMYADMIN , Then Goto Your WoWonder Database and Goto Table wo_config and search the "row" name for e.g footer_background , and then enter #aaa as its value when you edit it. Done ! 6. Go back to WoWonder Dashboard and App Verification In API Tab and You Will See Timeline App Verified 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Q: How to do for all apps ? A: Search the above code i showed , from there , the app verification codes start. Keep scrolling below and you will see windows , ios and messenger somewhere in the code. Find the row names and their values then edit them in the database. Refresh Admin dashboard and Done ! This way you will end up with less bans. This works for me atleast. Note : This Currently Works Only For WoWonder 1.5.x Versions ! Q. How Does This Make Sense ? A. It Makes sense because The Developer Knew that PHP Is easy to crack as it is not a compiled language like others so , he used a clever technique to find out if the script was legit or not. He also knew that who would think that a DAMN color would actually be used instead of Purchase key ? Isn't it ? I found this pattern in the requests.php file and THANKS to @ADH For openly distributing his App Verified Version which helped me to find this technique. Love you @ADH ! and Thanks to this wonderful community for accepting me inside. Having Issues ? Let me know below Note: If someone already post this tutorial then let me know , i will delete this thread.
  7. sadiq.ziyadov@bk.ru

    GET Wowonder

    Hello I can install wowonder apps for you android timeline=5 dollars android messenger=5 dollars desktop messenger=5 dollars 3 in 1 = 12 dollars webview app for android = 3 dollars if you don't have nulled version and you need it I can upload nulled script + verification all app and make all app only 20 dollars please write to mail sadiq.ziyadov@gmail.com or sadiq.ziyadov@icloud.com Regards
  8. Can Anyone Share Wowonder Messenger 1.6.2 with Refrences(packages folder)
  9. Wonderface is a WoWonder theme, carefully crafted by hand. It offers the best performance and advanced features for your website. For wowonder; Reactions: Included reactions: Like, Haha, Wow, Cry, Grr (compatible with apps); Included news emoticons; Included colors posts (compatible with apps); Login: New Login Screen; 100% responsive and reactions compatible with mobile; Livestream : Included Live broadcast You need HTTPS/SSL for livestream wonderface.zip
  10. 😉👍 Updates Version 06/27/2018
  11. View File WoWonder Timeline WoWonder Timeline is A social timeline application for WoWonder social network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun ! WoWonder Timeline is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Submitter Redxhacker Submitted 01/01/2018 Category WoWonder | PlayTube | FLAME Demo Nulled No VirusTotal Tested No  
  12. Hello, WoWonder - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform + App Verification 😎 If you want this, just send me $5 paypal: **************@gmail.com then i will send file to your email. Thanks
  13. https://yadi.sk/d/L6BT6tV43XssCt You can download latest update from there it's only update now full script
  14. DOWNLOAD UPDATE FILE https://www113.zippyshare.com/v/YVFxeZy1/file.html
  15. Hi guys, Can any body change the backend of Video and Audio chat on wowonder desktop app? changing from Twilio to Seldf-hosted backend. Regards
  16. Hello I own the site with the version v1.4.3 script. I recently bought the codes with version v1.5.6 and would like to know how to update my system without losing the database with users, passwords, fields created by me, photos, among other things.
  17. Version




  18. sadiq.ziyadov@bk.ru

    GET Livestream

    Hello I was update livestream for wowonder and I buy it only 7 dollars Who is like it please send me mail sadiq.ziyadov@bk.ru thanks
  19. https://yadi.sk/d/1gghekGX3WbKR5 Wowonder 1.5.6
  20. Please explain to me how to null wowonder. I tried some ways but not working on the latest version of wownder. Please help me with this. Thanks.
  21. Version 1.7


    Wowonder 1.4x Supported Plugin Ads Advanced For Wowonder is a plugin for Wowonder. From now your users can post Ads Advanced in his wall, and tab rigth, of urls, pages, and post, You can sell ads, and users can pay using account of paypal


  22. sadiq.ziyadov@bk.ru

    HELP nulled wowonder app

    Hello who have wowonder timeline and messenger app latest nulled version? I have original version but I need nulled version please send me it
  23. Hello who can give me flame script as free? and I can give wowonder script and android messenger latest version
  24. only 1 dollar to webmoney wowonder theme change code as like this
  25. Habil Memmedoff

    Wowonder UPDATE FILE



    Change-log: [Added] Day status to default theme (good morning etc). [Improved] wonderful theme desgin and forms. [Improved] publisher box stability. [Removed] Weather plugin from wonderful theme due copyright issues. Fixed 10+ reported bugs. WoWonder v1.5.6.1 Update Documentation Note: This update is just for who is using 1.5.6, if you're still using older verisons, PLEASE UPDATE the script version by version. // ------------------------------------- // 1) How To Update - BACKUP, BACKUP, AND BACKUP everything, files, DATABASE. - Upload "update.php" file located on "Update Guide/v1.5.6.1" folder to your server. - Upload and overwrite ALL files/folders (SELECT ALL) file(s) located inside "Update Guide/v1.5.6.1/Script/" folder to your server, if you have renamed your themes, please open "Update Guide/v1.5.6.1/Script/themes/wowonder/" and upload & overwrite ALL files/folders to your theme folder. - Once the files are uploaded, open and run http://www.YOURSITE.COM/update.php - Note: Don't run "update.php" file till all the files are uploaded. - Refresh your page, Done ! - For more information, please read our FAQ https://docs.wowonder.com/faqs.html#a-234234 // ------------------------------------- // if you're facing any problems, please contact me so i can help. Created: 11/23/2015 Last Update: 06/13/2018 By: Deen Doughouz (DoughouzForest) Email: wowondersocial@gmail.com Website: http://www.wowonder.com Copyright © 2018 WoWonder - The Ultimate Social Networking Platform. All rights reserved.



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