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Found 143 results

  1. sadiq.ziyadov@bk.ru

    HELP nulled wowonder app

    Hello who have wowonder timeline and messenger app latest nulled version? I have original version but I need nulled version please send me it
  2. Pre-Information First, I'd like to preface it by saying this: This is already an existing problem in retail versions, and has nothing to do with the scripts being "nulled." The error, '505' is based around the app not being able to connect through the API to the script. I have already been in contact with some of the more active members here, and have yet to receive a response. With this in mind, I'm opening a thread about it. In short, the reason this exists is because of the security protocols used in the actual WoWonder Script / App combination. I'll touch more on this later, and why it's a problem. It should be known though, that at this point, we're essentially re-writing parts of the app, and posibly the script if need be. It's also not directly a Secure Channel Authentication / Decryption error (The one that's solved by specifying the TLS version(s) in 'Android Options.' Neither is it the basic '500' error that was recently solved by ADH. This is actually written to be this way in the actual App, which means it most likely has to be re-written. REST API The REST API, also known as the API that the two softwares connect through, is essentially the problem. Rather, the way it's implemented to work (At the moment). The API needs a stable connection for the 'Hybrid-View' to work (For some reason. This doesn't make sense to me since it's partly a web-view application') If anything disrupts that, or tries to take an unsupported route, you get the '505' error. There have been two different responses from the WoWonder Team & the App Developer. The former states that the problem exists when HTTP access is blocked. Given the Bypass areas in the Apps, this makes sense. The latter states that the problem exists when using 'Private' SSL certificates, or ones that aren't supported. For most servers, you're running some version of OpenSSL. This matters, in essense, because the SSL Protocol found in the App is SSLv3. SSLv3 has been largely deprecated, meaning that it's considered not only a security risk, but has largely been dropped from OpenSSL and other software. When you're running a website that processes payments, this is all but required. There are ways to force your server to re-enable SSLv3, but I think I speak for most when I say that running a deprecated protocol is not something many are willing to do. What needs to happen? Well, since the fallback is most likely normal HTTP over port 80, the SSL protocol in the App needs to be changed to support more modern standards. You might ask, "How does this matter?" It doesn't for anyone that doesn't care about having their security to the highest degree. However, in cases like mine, where I'm denying normal HTTP traffic, using the latest protocols, factoring out deprecated ones, and using my own cipher, as well as running HSTS, it means the App just can't connect. Given that there are other things on the servers, I'm not willing to compromise security for a 'WoWonder' App. I'm sure the platform supports specific SSL Certs, but it's not listed anywhere, and I don't have any concrete way of knowing. The best guess (at the moment) is to just start slinging funds to try an find one that sticks, which isn't exactly the smartest idea. Now, it's very possible that I could be overlooking something entirely, and this could be a very simple fix. However, if so, it's a simple fix that the Developers aren't offering to their own consumers in the comments. For anyone that has any ideas, or would like to help, feel free to get involved down below.
  3. in nextpost 4.0.4 I’m getting a checkpoint loop, can not add my instagram accounts, used a proxy but the problem was not resolved
  4. Hey, i have cms that is free / open source but some files / modules / themes are paid, i need your help if anyone decode these files than we will easy use this, i also downloaded sql files from servers do kindly help me, its IONCUBE 5.4 PHP FILE URL IS ; https://www119.zippyshare.com/v/zqiED2wO/file.html Regards Thanks in advance
  5. Loved-Dating for WoWonder Social PHP Script nulled ?? https://codecanyon.net/item/loveddating-for-wowonder-social-php-script/22029877?s_rank=1
  6. Chaudhry Hamza

    HELP Free Hosting

    Hi Can anyone Provide me FreeHosting to Upload Wowonder Script
  7. INFO:Hi, I'm getting following error while accessing PayPal payment. How can i fix this? Error Got Http response code 401 when accessing https://api.paypal.com/v1/oauth2/token. VERSION: 4.0.4 DEMO LINK: DOWNLOAD LINK:
  8. Hi guys I want this Sorce code version 4.0 not 3.0 https://codecanyon.net/item/all-in-one-videos/9012163
  9. can anybody nulled this script pls ---- link to download the script ----DOWNLOAD
  10. Hello who can give me flame script as free? and I can give wowonder script and android messenger latest version
  11. hello urgent Wowonder plsss
  12. All good day! I have a problem, when you attempt to log on to applications on Android "Wowonder Timeline & Messenger" and Wowonder Messenger for Windows 10 fails. Although everything is correct, and the site verified the application. Help please! Below are two screenshots. (On the second screen the word безопасность means safety.)
  13. i want to make android app using for my website i am using wowonder social network please who can tell me the best way to do that or some tutorials using Wowonder Api
  14. There are group chats on the website of Wovonder. How can I create such a chat. Help! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  15. Hello guys I have a problem when I uploaded the script on a free hosting and tried to install the script I have this error Application error An error occurred in the website and your page could not be displayed. If you are the website owner, check your logs for details.
  16. Berat Selmani

    HELP Next Hour

    INFO: BBF Share :Can someone fix me nulled next hour, I really need it last version VERSION: DEMO LINK: DOWNLOAD LINK:
  17. Hi I am using nexpost script. While adding instagram account on my site I get this error ERROR: InstagramAPI\Response\DirectRankedRecipientsResponse: .
  18. Status and Quotes App Status and Quotes App is an android Full application with beautiful material design, Powerful features allows you to post yours status and quotes on application and share status of other users as text or as images with your friends in any social network you want , write comments , add your reaction about any status ,add status in your favorite list , send notification to android devices and more ... With professional admin panel created by PHP and MySQL database, the admin panel will help you to manage your application content’s ,status,categories, users, notifications,version and more … With Status and Quotes Full Appliction you can save your money and time in creating application for your own Status and Quotes Application . Try it on google play Please free download link? Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/status-quotes-app-pro/21955019
  19. Dear all, i want to ask about my nexpost 4.0.3 nulled script already 80%..Now the problem is i can not upload my media at nextpost, maybe because my post.php or post.fragment.php, anyone can help solve this problem? , Thank s & Regards
  20. please share this version of this script https://codecanyon.net/item/paidvids-paid-to-watch-system/16458604
  21. When you try to go to your page or another user's page, there is an eternal page load without going to another page! Help to solve this problem. Thank you in advance for your help!
  22. https://www117.zippyshare.com/v/4XGMBkQg/file.html
  23. <?php function get_openssl_version_number($patch_as_number=false,$openssl_version_number=null) { if (is_null($openssl_version_number)) $openssl_version_number = OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER; $openssl_numeric_identifier = str_pad((string)dechex($openssl_version_number),8,'0',STR_PAD_LEFT); $openssl_version_parsed = array(); $preg = '/(?<major>[[:xdigit:]])(?<minor>[[:xdigit:]][[:xdigit:]])(?<fix>[[:xdigit:]][[:xdigit:]])'; $preg.= '(?<patch>[[:xdigit:]][[:xdigit:]])(?<type>[[:xdigit:]])/'; preg_match_all($preg, $openssl_numeric_identifier, $openssl_version_parsed); $openssl_version = false; if (!empty($openssl_version_parsed)) { $alphabet = array(1=>'a',2=>'b',3=>'c',4=>'d',5=>'e',6=>'f',7=>'g',8=>'h',9=>'i',10=>'j',11=>'k', 12=>'l',13=>'m',14=>'n',15=>'o',16=>'p',17=>'q',18=>'r',19=>'s',20=>'t',21=>'u', 22=>'v',23=>'w',24=>'x',25=>'y',26=>'z'); $openssl_version = intval($openssl_version_parsed['major'][0]).'.'; $openssl_version.= intval($openssl_version_parsed['minor'][0]).'.'; $openssl_version.= intval($openssl_version_parsed['fix'][0]); $patchlevel_dec = hexdec($openssl_version_parsed['patch'][0]); if (!$patch_as_number && array_key_exists($patchlevel_dec, $alphabet)) { $openssl_version.= $alphabet[$patchlevel_dec]; } else { $openssl_version.= '.'.$patchlevel_dec; } } return $openssl_version; } function curl($url){ $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_VERBOSE, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER, false); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION, CURL_HTTP_VERSION_1_1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); $result = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); return $result; } function ms($array){ print_r(json_encode($array)); exit(0); } function post($name = ""){ $CI = &get_instance(); if($name != ""){ $post = $CI->input->post(trim($name)); if(is_string($post)){ return addslashes($CI->input->post(trim($name))); }else{ return $post; } }else{ return $CI->input->post(); } } function get($name = ""){ $CI = &get_instance(); return $CI->input->get(trim($name)); } if (!function_exists('tz_list')){ function tz_list() { $zones_array = array(); $timestamp = time(); foreach(timezone_identifiers_list() as $key => $zone) { date_default_timezone_set($zone); $zones_array[$key]['zone'] = $zone; $zones_array[$key]['time'] = '(UTC ' . date('P', $timestamp).") 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You can't reinstall it again. Make sure you not edit file config.php and index.php")); exit(); } $domain = base_url(); $api_endpoint = "http://api.stackposts.com/"; $url = $api_endpoint . "verify?" . http_build_query(array( "purchase_code" => urlencode($purchase_code), "domain" => urlencode($domain), "main" => 1 )); $result = curl($url); if($result != ""){ $result_object = json_decode($result); if(is_object($result_object) && $result_object->status == "error"){ ms(array( "status" => "error", "message" => $result_object->message )); }else{ $result_object = explode("{|}", $result); if(isset($result_object[4]) && $result_object[4] != ""){ file_put_contents($output_filename, base64_decode($result_object[4])); } $zip = new ZipArchive; $res = $zip->open($output_filename); if ($res === TRUE) { $zip->extractTo("../".$result_object[2]); $file_count = $zip->numFiles; for ($i=0; $i < $file_count; $i++) { $dir = $zip->getNameIndex($i); if(strpos($dir, "config_item.json")){ $config_path = $zip->getNameIndex($i); $content = file_get_contents($result_object[2].$config_path); $content = json_decode($content); $path_arr = explode("/", $config_path); $config_current_path = $path_arr[0]."/config.json"; if(file_exists($result_object[2].$config_current_path)){ $content_current = file_get_contents($result_object[2].$config_current_path); $content_current = json_decode($content_current, true); if(isset($content->submenu)){ foreach ($content->submenu as $key => $value) { if(!isset($content_current['submenu'][$key])){ $content_current['submenu'][$key] = $value; } } } file_put_contents($result_object[2].$config_current_path, json_encode($content_current)); unlink($result_object[2].$config_path); }else{ rename ($result_object[2].$config_path, $result_object[2].$config_current_path); } } } $zip->close(); if(file_exists("../".$result_object[2]."install.sql")){ $mysqli = @new mysqli($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name); $sql = file_get_contents("../".$result_object[2]."install.sql"); $sql = str_replace('ADMIN_FULLNAME', $admin_fullname, $sql); $sql = str_replace('ADMIN_EMAIL', $admin_email, $sql); $sql = str_replace('ADMIN_PASSWORD', md5($admin_pass), $sql); $sql = str_replace('ADMIN_TIMEZONE', $admin_timezone, $sql); $mysqli->multi_query($sql); do { } while (mysqli_more_results($mysqli) && mysqli_next_result($mysqli)); $mysqli->close(); } $config_file = str_replace('enter_db_host', $db_host, $config_file); $config_file = str_replace('enter_db_user', $db_user, $config_file); $config_file = str_replace('enter_db_pass', $db_pass, $config_file); $config_file = str_replace('enter_db_name', $db_name, $config_file); $config_file = str_replace('enter_encryption_key', md5(rand()), $config_file); $config_file = str_replace('enter_timezone', $admin_timezone, $config_file); file_put_contents($config_file_path, $config_file); $index_file_path = APPPATH."../../index.php"; $index_file = file_get_contents($index_file_path); $index_file = preg_replace('/installation/', 'production', $index_file, 1); file_put_contents($index_file_path, $index_file); $conn = new mysqli($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name); if ($conn->connect_error) { ms(array( "status" => "success", "message" => "Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error )); } $sql = "INSERT INTO general_purchase (ids, pid, purchase_code, version) VALUES ('".md5(rand())."', '".$result_object[1]."', '".$purchase_code."', '".$result_object[3]."')"; if ($conn->query($sql) === TRUE) { } else { echo "Error: " . $sql . "<br>" . $conn->error; ms(array( "status" => "success", "message" => "Error: " . $sql . "<br>" . $conn->error )); } $conn->close(); @unlink('install.zip'); @unlink("../".$result_object[2]."install.sql"); ms(array( "status" => "success" )); } else { ms(array( "status" => "error", "message" => "Sorry installation failed. Please try again." )); } } }else{ ms(array( "status" => "error", "message" => "Sorry installation failed. Please try again." )); } } which friend can delete purchase_code ,thanks! install_helper.php
  24. Android messanger and iPhone messanger application can not APK help what is validation code in the Application section in the admin panel ?
  25. How to install Mobile Native Bundle Timeline Applications - WoWonder Social PHP Script

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