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BeDrive - File Sharing and Cloud Storage

Related BeDrive - File Sharing and Cloud Storage Version 2.2.0

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2019 December 30 - Version 2.2.0
New Features
  • Added dark & light mode as well as multiple theme functionality.
  • Data tables in admin area now have a number of built-in filters for easier data management.
  • Added chunked uploading. This allows BeDrive to upload large files in smaller chunks for better upload reliability and avoid server file size limits.
  • Added resumable uploads functionality.
  • Added support for XSendFile and XAcceleratedResponse for reducing server RAM and CPU usage.
  • Email notification can now be sent to user when a file or folder is shared with them.
  • Public uploads (like user avatars) can now be stored on cloud services (s3, digitalocean, backblaze etc.).
  • Email addresses can now be suggested when sharing files and folders.
  • Default view mode for drive can now be selected from settings page.
  • Increased performance when storing files on remote services.
  • Added several new options to landing page and landing page editor.
  • Reduced memory usage when creating .zip files from large files.
  • Improved performance when downloading large files.
  • Drive view mode changes will now be remembered between requests.
  • Account confirmation email can now be resent from login page and admin area.
  • Localization settings page will now show all available timezones.
  • Admin area is now fully responsive.
  • Custom HTML can now be entered from "admin -> appearance > custom code" page.
  • "Admin > ads" page will now show a preview of where specific ad will appear on site.
  • Default user avatars will now be generated automatically based on their email address.
  • "iframe" and "script" tags are not supported in custom pages.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a few non-translatable lines.
  • File list will now scroll properly on mobile.
  • Completely rebuilt appearance editor "colors" section, which will fix a number of issues with changing default colors.
  • Fixed an issue where upload progress bar animation would sometimes be "jerky".
  • When uploading multiple files, if one upload fails, other uploads in the queue will now correctly continue to upload.
  • Failed uploads in appearance editor will now correctly show error message.
  • Fixed an issue where user would not be editable sometimes from "admin > users" page.
  • Unsupported image types should now be uploaded properly.
  • Prevent files from being dragged and dropped on other files.
  • Copying large images will now correctly copy auto-generated thumbnails as well.
  • PDF can now be properly previewed when S3 is set as storage method.
  • Fixed a few issues with backblaze upload method.
  • Fixed a few text lines that were not translatable.
  • Make sure file extension is always appended to downloaded file name.
  • Removed deprecated google+ sharing and replaced it with email share.
  • Child plans will now correctly inherit parent plan currency.
  • .csv files will now be recognized as spreadsheet type.
  • Fixed an issue with infinite scroll in folder preview page.
  • Folder preview page will now scroll properly on mobile devices.
  • Individual files in shared folder can now be downloaded by non-logged in users.
  • Fixed an issue where image thumbnail would not be shown sometimes in shared folder.
  • Don't ask password again for nested folders if user has already entered password for parent shared folder.
  • Shared files will no longer take up user allowed storage space.
  • Restoring folder from trash will now properly restore child items.