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  1. SoftwareFreak

    SUGGEST AppleKit 4.2 (Request)

    Anyone have Applekit latest nulled version, the current nulled in the website is not working properly. Can anyone have working nulled version or how to set up this one?
  2. Why download button directing to codingmatters.de can you send me the download link
  3. You need to delete your current auto follow module and reinstall the file I share, It is working fine.
  4. SoftwareFreak

    NextPost Auto Follow Plus Module

    Version 1.0.0


    This is update NextPost Module, where user can filter the followers in the auto follow


  5. SoftwareFreak

    GET BBF Share :Nextpost Module: Image editor

    Does anyone have this photo editor module
  6. SoftwareFreak

    REQ Nextpost Advanced Report Module

    No bro, I ll share when I get that.
  7. INFO: It is an advanced Report for NextPost Module VERSION: DEMO LINK: https://xagram.com/e/advanced DOWNLOAD LINK:
  8. SoftwareFreak

    GET BBF Share :Nextpost Module: Image editor

    bro, when I updating 4.1 to 4.1.1 Can I only update the files in the update log in nextpost official page, or need to update whole software
  9. SoftwareFreak

    GET BBF Share :Nextpost Module: Image editor

    bro do you have analytics modules advanced and normal one
  10. Hello guys, Thanks for the nulled version. My modules have a problem, it is not suggesting hashtags or location. In the error log [02-Jun-2018 17:51:24 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method InstagramAPI\Request\Location::searchFacebook() in /home/bigweddi/public_html/testing/inc/plugins/auto-comment/controllers/ScheduleController.php on line 117 That is the error. Please check this @gabbarg google drive link not working
  11. Link now working
  12. Did you find any solution bro

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