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  1. All versions can be accessed here, anyway, this script uses cotoni cms, And you can get security upgrades and plugins and much more directly from cotoni.
  2. Фриланс биржа (cotonti cms) and fl.ru run the same script, but fl.ru is running a custom theme with many plugins.
  3. REQ WPJobster Theme

  4. GET Wordpress Job Board Theme

    No its working, http://jb1.wlthemes.com/?emptycart=1
  5. How to get acces to 96down?

    I don't have this script, but i think upgrading from an old version is possible. Old version: Download v2.3.2 Version 3.0 23rd Sept. 2017 New: Woocommerce payment option integrated. New: Messaging system addon. New: Advance Rating System. New: Paid Job Posting feature for customers. Fix: Fix lots of minor issues in the theme. ADD THESE PLUGINS TO GET EXTENDED FUNCTIONALITY: 1- WC Paid Listings (Paid Job Posting feature for customers) 2- YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews (Advance Rating System) 3- Front End PM (Messaging system addon). 4- WooCommerce Accepted Payment Methods plugin (Woocommerce payment option).
  6. How to get acces to 96down?

    96down is a scam site ,
  7. How to get acces to 96down?

    It is a spam site. Don't use scripts downloaded from this site without checking them file by file for backdoor worms. What are you looking for?
  8. GET Poke

    Yep, but i need the installer.
  9. GET Poke

    Hey, I have the script, but i mistakenly deleted the installer folder, get the installer only and i will share the script here.
  10. REQ ad manager pro

    I think i have an old version, old versions are buggy and i don't think it will work on php7.
  11. I cracked this plugin long time back, let me know if you wanna crack it and i will point you in the right direction.
  12. GET UserPro Dashboard v3.7

  13. REQ WoWonder - SnapTheme

    It ain't a 3rd party theme, it is native wowonder theme with wowonder combo plugin (they changed the reaction_like.png only) and made minor modifications (changed menu icon set).
  14. GET Wowonder Installer and App verifier

    I updated the files to v1.5.2. I personally checked and everything is working flawlessly.

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