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  1. Hello, Any Youtubers here? i started a new youtube channel and i need 100 followers urgently. Please msg me in private for the channel link. :)
  2. Keep up the good work, also you need to null the functions_general in includes folder, in all recent wowonder versions this file is missing two very important pieces of code, these missing function codes are the cause of all errors reported here...
  3. No, you cannot replace facebook with google. facebook upgraded api, check your app settings. It is an app related error
  4. Add valid oath redirect urls to google. Purchase a legal script if possible or use a properly nulled wowonder, else you will be using wowonder demo api.
  5. johnmax

    Help wowonder

    Hello bro, Sadly, i am very busy these days, i will ping you back asap.
  6. This site is broken, full of design issues... its like they are running content grabber. I know how to clone any wp theme easily, but its not worthy bro... I see nothing special in this theme, you can use sahifa theme to create an eye catching responsive news site.
  7. I am not a pirate, i always recommend purchasing a legal license to support the developer, and all files i share are for dev testing and educational purposes. Password protected, because i nulled these files upon request from a legal client, i gave the files for those in need and i shared them exclusively on bbf. Your method doesn't work and stop arguing, you did a silly mistake, changing the field into 1 will not stop the verification process that runs automatically whenever a new user launches the app, i am not talking about an error notice, but about error functions, the script will not work properly unless the response is proper. You get it???? If value = x (then work) else (don't work). Its as simple as this. BBF users don't use his recommendations unless you wish to get blocked. This fellow is not a developer and he knows nothing about how functions work.
  8. Don't argue, i am one of the best developers worldwide, i strongly recommend to neglect this post because people using your tips will 100% get blocked. $check = json_decode($file, true); if (!empty($check['status'])) { if ($check['status'] == 'SUCCESS') { $update = Wo_SaveConfig('footer_background', '#aaa'); $data['android_status'] = 200; What exception are you talking about, dam, go study php basics...If $check returns invalid, you will only get errors, saying so, leaving the expression as is, will never solve the problem. You have two solutions here, either buy a legitimate license or use a properly nulled file (i previously shared the files here, and you can also get it). Your tips are bad just like the nulled files shared by some fellows here.
  9. This is a bad way of bypassing license verification. If you wish to help people share a properly nulled file with them. Don't misguide people, you shared one part of the function, if (!empty($_POST['android_purchase_code'])) { $android_code = Wo_Secure($_POST['android_purchase_code']); $file = file_get_contents("http://www.wowonder.com/access_token.php?code={$android_code}&type=android", false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions)); $check = json_decode($file, true); if (!empty($check['status'])) { if ($check['status'] == 'SUCCESS') { $update = Wo_SaveConfig('footer_background', '#aaa'); $data['android_status'] = 200; } else { $data['android_status'] = 400; $data['android_text'] = $check['ERROR_NAME']; } } } Can you read php? else { $data['android_status'] = 400; $data['android_text'] = $check['ERROR_NAME']; It means your app will throw errors (you also need to check the error functions coded within wowonder), do this and i guarantee you'll get php dead blocks, leading to php overhead and server load, regardless of the verify badge in admin's backend. Neverless, auto re-verification may result in removal of the code you inserted in database and thus you'll need to keep an eye to make sure the code you inserted is there!!! Don't share hacking tips if you don't know how to read basic php codes.
  10. johnmax

    Help wowonder

    Next week i will have some time, remind me within a few days.
  11. johnmax

    GET NULLED Wowonder update file

    Thanks, keep up the good work
  12. Nope, it didn't work, but i will give it a try as soon as possible, i am very busy these days
  13. Many programs exist, and you can use for an example firefox dev tools to rip js/css/html files easily, but if you plan to rip a website this way, you'll need basic html/css/php/sql knowledge, because you'll need to code basic functions (frontend/backend). Most of the scripts you see online are ripped from other scripts this way :)
  14. I said nothing about a community website; i wanted to upload a premium wordpress plugin... You applied new limits to free hosting accounts :o
  15. To get the password of the file do exactly as mentioned in the post.

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