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  1. . As everyone can see you LOVE PUT SOME BIG ON YOUR MOUTH. So open your mouth now and i will PUT MY BIGGGGGG in your prostitute mouth. 🤣 . .
  2. . As everyone can see you LOVE PUT SOME BIG ON YOUR MOUTH. So open your mouth now and i will PUT MY BIGGGGGG in your prostitute mouth. 🤣 . .
  3. Are you crazy ? The download link is from sendspace. Noobie, do you know Copy + Paste link ? The link dont go to sendspace if you click on it becasue this site bestblackforum put other pre-link when you click directly on link so man pay attention to the descriptions before talk trash. If you dont know how to do things that childrem do, go cry to yur mom.😭 STUPI ASS ??? Did you pay attention to your profile picture??? YES, now you looked the stupid. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. Sorry, i forgot put pass and now i forgot the pass 😅🙄 So i upload the file again without password. The link is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/eefn9i
  5. Uber Clone Taxi App - The best on internet cost 603 USD. Bought APP Uber Clone 603 USD and want to share here. Before share all here i just need someone to install it cause i tried but had no success. The complete installation guide is bellow. All the files are 1.6GB (including android and iOS). There is NO SITE on internet with these original files, you will cann find some sites with this app to download but the on these sites arent complete so dont work, they have only 400Mb and comparing to my files there are many folders in my file that is not in the files of that sites. So i will do this: I will let here the link to download the files to install the SERVER / DASHBOARD (6 MB ziped). So if someone have success on dashboard installation, tell me the url/IP to see the dashboard online and you i will give you my server credentials to install also on my sever like you did on your server test. After install on my server i will give to this people the last part of files to installation the APPs (android and iOS). >>> You can donnload the FIRST HALF in this link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fy935b (if link dont open clicking on it, copy link text (dont copy link) and paste in browser). If you have success so send me email to usic2018web@gmail.com and we will finish the installation and you will have all the 1.6GB files bought 603 USD The installation guide: https://docs.google.com/a/techintegrity.in/document/d/1sik8oWEqpTkGIxWbVho3aNolEr0GmVZmFxJnJZsOGt8/edit?usp=sharing See the retail product page: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-backend-cms-coded-with-native-android/20562988?s_rank=4
  6. I had a better idea. I will put here the first half of codes and anyone can try to install the dashboard so if you have success in installation just tell me your IP address or URL to check that you are able to do it and we start do it. So you will repeat what you did in your server but now in my server and after you put my dashboard online i will give you the second half of files where are the files of Android and iOS apps. You can download the FIRST HALF in this link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fy935b
  7. Taxi App - The best on internet cost 603 USD. This is a post to find someone to install it for me and my payment will be the complete files bought. Ate the first moment you can imagine that this file in on the internet but this is not the file on the internet cause the version on internet has only almost 400Mb that dont work because is the 29 USD version where the developer deliver to buyer not all files cause the developer make the installation in order to dont give the users the oportuinity of share on internet. But the complete and the working version they give to people who bought and the price is very high. My version is this version, that is almost 1GB total files and the cost is USD 603 (see the link below). So if yoy that is reding this, looked the guide (link below) and have certain can do everything in guide so you can contact me and i will give you the FIRST HALF of files(needed to install dashboard) and credentials of my amazon EC2 test account where you will make all the installation. So after put the dashboard online/working. So i will send the other half of files(need to build ios and android app) where i need from you just change logo,banner,text,etc to my own images,text and you build the APK and iOS apps. >>> So what you need to do to win the 1GB files that was paid 603 USD: Install everything like guide show. If you dont know how to do it please dont call me cause the first half of files is nothing without the other half and i will only give the other half if you complete the dasboard installation. The installation guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sik8oWEqpTkGIxWbVho3aNolEr0GmVZmFxJnJZsOGt8/edit See the prodcut page where i can be bought: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-booking-app-a-complete-clone-of-uber-with-userdriver-backend-cms-coded-with-native-android/20562988?s_rank=4
  8. dowmload links: https://openload.co/f/QVGMBKxw8MY/wooshippingtracking-162.rar http://userscloud.com/7dqp7uxyhwae
  9. WooCommerce Currency Switcher v2.2.4 Dev: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-currency-switcher/8085217 Download free link: https://openload.co/f/5dCzqJNe62E/woocommcurrencyswitcher-224.rar
  10. I discovered on youtube that i need put the url of the same site is the installation page but it is not working. i am using Amazon EC2 ubuntu 16.04 and i didnt pointed an domain to my site so i am using public ipv4 in installation so the installation page is In this case i used on website url field the url but after finish go to this page but the page is blank(all white)
  11. let me explain better: i used from this file here the file index.php that i imagined was the nulled thing so i put this in the place of the file index.php from the socialkit i have downloaded in other site on internet.
  12. Hello all! I arrived today by searching for this system. I downloaded socialkit that didnt have mention about being nulled so it maybe the reason of my problem: In installation page after fill all field and click install show a message about wrong Website URL (dont remember the message). So i just changed the file index.php (folder install) and i completed the installation. But another problem. I thought website URL was an information to link after but the instalation finish and open the url i put in that field. My question is: what is the other place to put the same url website of installation page in order to have socialkit working?

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