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  1. https://bestblackforum.com/topic/2656-wowonder-android-ssl-error/
  2. The person recommended to test the POST request via POSTMAN (or a similar service), I haven't used this before but I'm getting the hang of it. However, I can't seem to find the applications' authentication type / method (I'm not talking about the API credentials from the admin panel, I mean OAuth 1.0 / 2.0 / etc.).
  3. I believe I tracked it down. I found this in my access logs: - It looks like it's trying to send an HTTP request over TLS 1.1, even though it's configured in Android Options to use TLS 1.2+. If your system is like mine & rejects anything but '1.2,' I can see a sort of pattern. Not to mention, I'm forcing SSL. [17/May/2018:12:00:54 -0400] "POST //app_api.php?application=phone&type=get_settings HTTP/1.1" 500 4568 "-" "Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 7.1.1; Android SDK built for x86 Build/NYC)"
  4. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50374930/debug-error-in-xamarin-app-development-visual-studio
  5. I'm pursuing it on stack exchange now, I will let you know what I find. So far, it's a server error, just trying to diagnose it now.
  6. I'm guessing no one else knows?
  7. This solves the SecureChannel error, but isn't solving the 500 error.
  8. I honestly don't know what's causing it at this point.
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that no one else knows what's causing the error. It doesn't look to be very common. The only remote example I could find was someone having a similar problem with WP8 on StackExchange.
  10. I thought this was referring to the authentication 'SecureChannel' error. I'm having this same one right now; I can't find anyway to solve it. Myself and another member are working on it though, it's just a little difficult to pinpoint because of the nature of the error.
  11. Can you post the image again here?

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