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  1. UPDATE: Here you have some examples of my work: http://ouo.io/xqfAvg http://ouo.io/xJpoE2
  2. For them to work perfectly, at least i7 and 32gb of RAM.
  3. I advise our users to NOT GET INTO Private Messages with users saying they can null this for money because it's very hard to null and that's 90% SCAM. It should be decoded (ioncube) first and nulled after. I recommend using vadoo 1.1.3 , if someone purcased it, i can null it.
  4. Please use English for your posts so we can all understand and help if needed.
  5. Dan

    Hello everyone

    Salut, bine ai venit, daca ai nevoie de ajutor cu ceva, nu ezita sa ma contactezi. (EN: Hello and welcome! If you need help with something, don't hesitate to contact me.)
  6. Dan

    GET NULLED WHMCS-Gateway-Bitcoin-V2.0

    Glad to have you here bro!
  7. Dan

    About bbf server

    I can help you with unlimited hosting storage, database & other shitz if you need, i own <SNIP> , write me a PM if you need a hosting package. - No advertise in this section + you used a template Edited by mcpoesen
  8. There is already a nulled version of chameleon , you cand use it but when i tested it, i had some problems with 3dstreet module and webcam module also isn't working. I can't test it now because i have a lot of work to do and i don't have too much free time. Sorry.
  9. I strongly recommend using Chameleon Dating Script instead of this one. That is a complete script.
  10. Dan

    Detekt - Find your friends

    Hey, i should reinstall WoWonder for that , i will think about.
  11. Just install it and if you have some problem just post here and i will help you.
  12. Dan

    Hello BBF Miners!

    Here you go bro http://prntscr.com/hl9nt6
  13. Dan

    Starting to work with BTC

    Hey @savas that nice man. thanks!

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