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  1. mahofficial

    HELP Application error for wowonder

    Sorry, but 10 MB max upload size limits can't be removed.
  2. mahofficial

    HELP Application error for wowonder

    Sorry, but i don't think so our free hosting will be able to host a community website as we have alot of limits like 10 MB max upload size limit, inodes usage limit and daily hits. Our Free Hosting is not good for hosting a community website
  3. mahofficial

    HELP Application error for wowonder

    Can i know which free hosting you are using?
  4. mahofficial

    HELP Application error for wowonder

    Free Hosting?
  5. mahofficial

    GET NULLED WoWonder v1.5.5.2 (Nulled)

    This also include update files
  6. How to change text pretty from the welcome page (Startup) Did it! Can you tell me the colour combination of Pretty Demo Site. I want to use that color combination Thanks in Advance
  7. Should i upload script files where wowonder is installed? Or i just upload script/themes/pretty?
  8. Hi, i need latest version of pretty theme. Can someone share it with me. The latest version is 1.1.4 https://codecanyon.net/item/prettytheme-for-wowonder-social-php-script/21851481
  9. mahofficial

    GET Wowonder 1.5.6

    Ok, i will try Thanks for suggesstion
  10. mahofficial

    GET Wowonder 1.5.6

    Yes, i had generated privacy policy from this website https://privacypolicies.com/
  11. mahofficial

    GET Wowonder 1.5.6

    I am using wowonder on shared hosting
  12. mahofficial

    GET Wowonder 1.5.6

    Do you want to auto generate privacy policy for your website? I had auto generated it from here https://privacypolicies.com/
  13. mahofficial

    GET Wowonder 1.5.6

    ok, thanks 😃

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