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  1. Chat Project

    Good afternoon I would like to announce and ask who is interested to participate in a project discord type but more dynamic and not be direct only specific to voice. If you are interested to help tell me what I will explain better .. No need to pay anything to help, I'm looking for contributors to upload the project and explore the market. Maybe I'll pay you soon if you see the effort on your part. I await answers from all of you, Greetings, Diogo Rocha
  2. Try to install the latest version that should work perfectly.
  3. @savas - Thank you for sharing with us.
  4. HELP wowonder mobile error compiler

    Hello, can you help me please?
  5. HELP Certificate SSL Error View

    He problem is solved! Thanks
  6. Good afternoon, I was setting up the application for my social network and compiling the code gave me this error, knowing that I only changed the link and the API. I did not understand what could be the mistake, although I entered the link I did not realize .. Can you help me please? ERROR: 1>------ Build started: project: WoWonder_Desktop, Configuration: Debug|AnyCPU ------ C:\Users\diogo\Desktop\wowonder\desktop\Application\WoWonder_Desktop\WoWonder_Desktop\WoWonder_Desktop.csproj(956,5): error : This project references NuGet package(s) that are missing on this computer. Use NuGet Package Restore to download them. For more information, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=322105. The missing file is ..\packages\Fody.2.0.0\build\dotnet\Fody.targets. ========== To compile: 0 successful, 1 failed, 0 updated, 0 ignored ==========
  7. I have a fairly serious problem with my ssl certificate. It's the following, if I join my social network on my profile so https://mysocial.com/diogorocha18 I get the following error "The requested URL / boardtest was not found on this server." Now if you enter like this http://mysocial.com/diogorocha18 already enters normal appearing the profile ... This happens not only in the profile but in all possible sites but I need ssl as security and to be able to use the payment system ... Knowing that I have dedicated and I have my ssl installed like this: https://www.vultr.com/docs/configure-apache-with-select-signed-tls-ssl-certificate-on-ubuntu-16-04 Could you help me solve my problem so that it works perfectly with the certificate? Greetings, Diogo Rocha
  8. HELP wowonder Upload Images

    Hello, Actually it was not and I solved it after a few minutes to look at everything, it was a permission of a ficheir but thanks in the same
  9. Good evening, I installed the new version of wowonder with the verified apps that are available for download and I noticed that I can not upload profile and cover image to my social network. I have hosted on my dedicated server ... Could you help me solve this problem? I've been in localhost and this option works so it might be something I do not have in my dedicated so I can do that. Waiting for answers..
  10. SocialKit Dedicated Server

    Someone who can help me?
  11. SocialKit Dedicated Server

    Good afternoon, I installed the SocialKit that is available here, however, I'm installing on my dedicated server and some things do not work, such as uploading profile and cover image, timeline I write and post , appears, then I give F5 and no longer appears, but everything is recorded in the database. I have tried in xampp by localhost exactly the same and it already works correctly. Can you tell me how I can solve the problem on my dedicated server? It sure is some configuration ..
  12. Thanks for sharing, it really is perfect but it has a pretty bad bug .. unfortunately I do some post, it is sent and registered in the database and it appears soon, but if f5 is already gone, neither in profile ... What What happens?
  13. REQ GamePort 1.3.1 (REQ NULLED)

    I would also like to have this new version if I could, can you figure it out?

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