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  1. gracias por el aporte saludos
  2. I need license key please help in files no keyy
  3. Saturno

    REQ Yetishare v4.5

    aquien puede realizar el aporte?
  4. Thanks to our new importer you will be able to create content in just minutes. You can import content in any language with just a couple of clicks. Adding a new movie or a series will take only minutes thanks to the efficiency of the data importer developed to work with TMDb. Smart and automatic fake player False player is by default the most effective way, you can upload iframes from different advertising providers and get a very high CTR. The player changes the image automatically increasing the chances of getting more than one click per use Online download and display tables We know that time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining a website, so we created a link importer in real time so that you can easily edit the links of each movie or episode. Playnow includes 100% free importer. Multilanguage Playnow has the multilanguage option and a 100% language pack translated into English. Download: https://mega.nz/#!FFdFiDpA!qRDtvus1jTyJ8sOKy4kuZR7_ljZIrLwMEKvCpLTnWd8
  5. * MySQL (Version 5 or higher) * PHP (Version 5 or higher) * Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled * cURL Enable Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/viral-video-portal/4790646 Download: https://mega.nz/#!1IMFhLbS!9i9Oulw9V-i5WaguY5s-pBLT7lFEWY9Tjsou8vRd4zg
  6. Viral Media Portal is advanced but easy to configure and uses php script that allows you to create media publishing websites such as videos, images and gifs. It allows you to embed videos of vine, facebook, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and metacafe. Watermark, video and watermark support images of gif miniatures, fully automated thumbnail generation and advanced administration panel to control almost all aspects of the script. Demo: http://nexthon.com/portfolio/viral-media-portal/ Download: https://mega.nz/#!4JEHSCLT!Y9LQkjNhXMezvvpNITVtYwHMzRPpbyA6v6xvRmY3eUA
  7. Website of the questionnaire with the Facebook Share button and the comments box. The script is easy to install and comes with the administration panel to add questionnaires. Very clean code! Version 1.1 >> The changes included in this update are as follows: Statistics of how many times each test has been taken. (shown in the admin panel) Statistics that show how many times each result has been received. (shown in the admin panel) Version 1.2 >> The changes included in this update are as follows: Optional custom HTML code for each test that is displayed after completion. (It can be an ADS code like GoogleAds or iframe) Infinite load of ajax for the index page, which will load older questionnaires when scrolling down. Progress bar when taking a test. By clicking on the shared result, the corresponding questionnaire page will open. Version 1.3 >> The changes included in this update are the following: Support of multiple languages. Pop-up window that suggests other tests at the end of the test. Possibility of adding custom HTML code within the questions, answers and results. (for example, make text in bold or add color ... etc) Version 1.3.1 >> The changes included in this update are the following: Added the option to specify the result of the sentence used in the Share dialog. In previous versions, I got all the tests. The "Share on Facebook" button now displays the text according to the Language of the questionnaire. The shared dialog box closes automatically on the mobile device after sharing the results. Now mobile ADSs will be displayed instead of large desktop ads when opened from a mobile device. Version 1.3.2 >> The changes included in this update are the following: Buttons to share aggregates for Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. Some errors were corrected to make the website 100% mobile. SEO Friendy URL for questionnaires. Version 1.4 >> The changes included in this update are as follows: The optional cover image can be added to the questionnaire from the administration panel. You can add a unique optional cover image for each question from the admin panel. Set the website's background from the admin panel. Possibility to hide / show and set the time of "Other emerging questions". Possibility to hide / show and set the time of "Share emergent result". Demonstration administration panel: http://yaquiz.com/admin Username: demo Password: demo Descarga: https://mega.nz/#!JZMyRBIR!GKZXYZrDBOeecTRJH_tO8tHPr8JfA-Chupx6P2cfDX0
  8. A drag-and-drop add-on for the new tinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG editor. (Build with Bootstrap version 3 compilation 2) Search YouTube videos, autocomplete suggestions, preview and insert into the WYSIWYG editor of tinyMCE 4 If you wish, you can select some parameters such as width, height, dark or light. An excellent way for publishers to insert YouTube videos into content pages. The normal insert is an iframe, but for programmers it is easy to create your own code to insert it and close it on the server side. An image placeholder is included as an example, the normal embedded iframe html5 and a ubb markup If you want a jquery or php solution for the image placeholder, see the Support tab There is also a WordPress version available Main features: Look and feel like it's a native plugin Easy to make your own marking Drag and drop in the add-ons directory YouTube Search Suggestions Your editors will love it Multi language Do not leave the editor to insert videos from youtube Requirements tinyMCE 4 API Download: https://mega.nz/#!BdtXWQzQ!Mdy1nJyddZTDp_1cZn7lcyC-jP7WNsI7VUYYQDNckJQ
  9. Saturno

    GET GET Xenforo 1.5.11 Nulled

  10. gracias por el aporte saludos
  11. Saturno

    GET AV Arcade Script v6

    gracias lo voy a probar saludos
  12. gracias por el aporte lo voy a probar saludos

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