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  1. Some of your websites are not properly nulled... For those i haven't sent to, it is due to my tight Schedule... I will Work on some more apps today including yours😊
  2. Sorry For the Delay in Posting this, i have been quite busy and offline, Without Much talks, download the nulled Version of Wowonder Messenger V.1.6.1 from the link below. This fixes all major reported bugs. https://yadi.sk/d/POKtBbmc3WZgrv I will squeeze out time to write a tutorial on nulling the app, for now am quite busy, Please bear with me.
  3. Will do that on 1.6.1... You could try that on your end and give the results...
  4. In every new update, there are bug fixes... The Version has not been stable since Version 1.5.0 (Alpha) Version 1.6.1 fixes all the major reported bugs... Also regarding the security, there was an upgrade from 1.5.0 (beta) which affects even those buying the legal version of the app... Deen implemented a security check which counts the number of times a legal user verifies a single domain and if it exceeds five, the domain is blocked automatically from the authors end, they will equally report the domain to google for blacklisting... All these are fixed in the nulled version, irrespective of the number of times a domain is verified by the user, it won't have any effect.
  5. Still waiting for the retail... @Sadiq promised to upload today
  6. I received alot of request to help people build apps, Am sorry for not responding to your messages, The problem is that the Previous Released V1.6 Messenger had bugs which were fixed Today and reuploaded by DEEN. So i will now be able to create apps for anyone who needs help. Send me a message to whatsapp Number +2347056689694 providing me this details so i can build for you. Website URL API_ID API_KEY CONNECTIVITY SYSTEM (FRIEND OR FOLLOW) APP NAME LINK TO DOWNLOAD ICON, LOGO and SPLASH Please note that i have a limit to messages i can send on BESTBLACKFORUM, So i might not be able to respond to you here. MESSAGE me on whatsapp with +2347056689694... I am building Timeline and Messenger for the first 20 People for free... Thanks to @Sadiq For always updating the messenger to us. Thanks to @EKG for support. Thanks to BestBlackForum for always being There! You can also check out www.darkscriptsforum.theekg.com
  7. I do wish to share the knowledge of nulling wowonder messenger and bypassing the security they have put on it but I think they are watching out for methods of nulling it and improving it. The method of nulling this version was different from the previous due to the fact that they streghtened the security. In a nutshell, I will share the nulling process with anyone who message me privately. It's dangerous sharing it publicly, so pm if interested in learning how to null it. download the nulled version here https://yadi.sk/d/oKNhFi-Z3WBFsf I will create your wowonder apps for $5USD PM for install... Thanks to @Sadiq for retail version. Thanks to @EKG for support.
  8. I will Null And Update... Thanks for the Share bro. PM for install... I have SDK upto 27 installed...
  9. @Sadiq and others, please upload wowonder messenger v1.6 which will be available this evening. Android Version 1.6 on 18/5/2018 Added ADInterstitial ADS. Added ability to copy text messages. Added ability to control sound from settings. Added ability to receive files. Added Translucen view for user profiles. Added ability for resize app display. Added Picture-in-picture Support. Upgrade to SDK version 26 regarding google new requirement. Ability to distribute app with 64-bit support. Request App Permissions system. Secured the app of illegal uses Added Sound Tone during the send of message Support for friend system Added Abilty to control the recourd sound button Added ability to delete stories Twilio self video call fix. Video call ringing fix. RTL Bug fixes. Reported 15+ Bug fixes.
  10. It's now free.. a new class specifically "current.url" was added and used along app.api which was used for connection previously, so I did the editing around the "current" class... Owners of this apps might have spies here, so spilling out how it was done is a bit risky... PM, I would say it all privately.
  11. It was a bit of headache but it is not immuned to being nulled... I am currently using it as well as other persons who have gotten it from me.
  12. It needs to be nulled... they used a security on it this time that wouldn't allow illegal use

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