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  1. wpml full package new versus 2018 http://s7.dosya.tc/server4/hozb77/wpml.zip.html WPML Multilingual CMS Version 3.9.3 February 5, 2018 Features Implemented Multilingual Options for themes Fixes Implemented security fixes Fixed fatal error caused by a recently removed Divi function Change the CDN URL from https to http to prevent issues on some sites. Resolved Parse error occurring on PHP 5.2 Fixed an unexpected access to a translated page with the original slug when “post” was set to “not translate”. Fixed the category inserted in the post permalink if it’s displayed as translated and the category is translated. WPML String Translation Version 2.7.3 February 5, 2018 Fixes Implemented security fixes Prevent a fatal error when a string is registered from 2 different languages at the same time. Resolved exception resulting in 404 errors for Products created in secondary language when a Custom Product base is set that includes Categories WPML Translation Management Version 2.5.2 February 5, 2018 Fixes Implemented security fixes WPML Sticky Links Version 1.4.3 January 23, 2018 Fixes Resolved a fatal error related to the AbsoluteLinks class. Implemented multiple security fixes. WPML CMS Nav WPML Media WPML All Import WooCommerce Multilingual Gravity Forms Multilingual Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual WooCommerce Gateways Country Limiter
  2. The buzzy script is null if you want to write pm. I have only 2.0 v crack on the internet and this is the most recent version of it is null. only 15$ Requirements PHP >= 5.5.9 PDO PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension GD PHP Extension Fileinfo PHP Extension Zip PHP Extension Updates V2.5.1 – 07/10/17 - Security fixes - Envato api connection fix V2.5 – 08/06/17 - Reaction manager – Now you can add/modify reaction icons http://prntscr.com/fh769f - Google Amp support http://buzzy.akbilisim.com/amp/ - Two new theme style – http://buzzyviralmag.akbilisim.com/http://buzzyboxed.akbilisim.com/ - Facebook Instant article support – http://buzzy.akbilisim.com/fbinstant.rss - {type}/{post}-{id} post url type option added - Google news rss support - Arabic language files and RTL support for modern theme - Added: 4 new headline posts style http://prntscr.com/fhf96g - Added different headline posts style option for category page - Autoload posts or “You may also like” option added for post pages - Improved reaction voting system - Showed reaction badges on post lists - Fixed: Wrong quiz answer assign issue - Fixed: Minor issues V2.0 – 07/11/16 – Added: Theme System – Added New Modern theme beside the Classic Buzzy theme (More theme will be soon) —Modern theme Features – More clean Layouts – Two type headline for homepage (Headline Slider Type: http://akbilisim.com/assets/buzzy/modernheadline2.jpg ) – Improved Page Speed – Sticky sidebars – Lazy Load for images – Improved Scroll Load/Load More options – Ads/Widgets can be select for web or mobile on Modern Theme – Reaction post lists – Much More – Added: New Category System. You can add subcategory for subcategory. Example: News > World > Europe – Added: “Get content from the URL” button for BuzzyEditor. You can recreate existed post on site. Also you can get data from other sites.(This function currently in beta.) – Added: You can select multiple categories. – Added: Moved Main language selection to Admin Panel – Added: Moved Mail configuration settings to Admin Panel – Added: Moved all settings to .env file from the database. Now system will not overload by database connections for setting datas – Added: Maintenance Mode option to Admin Panel

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