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  1. So far I was able to port the application to work on PHP 7.3 and MySQL 8 with Nginx. Null process will be started soon!
  2. Everyone, I have nulled all this stuff but it is not uploaded yet because every time I post my content is removed because of copyright issues. Makes me upset as well.
  3. CRIMSON501

    pixelphoto 1.1.1

    Yeah, I'm really busy at the moment. I will release it this weekend.
  4. CRIMSON501

    Not able to view a profile

    See the attached screenshot. I'm not able to view https://bestblackforum.com/profile/4127-andrevj1/ link which is the profile for @andrevj1
  5. CRIMSON501

    I Think i need to quit now !!!

    IPS uses a cron system like WordPress that is triggered by a script. It could be messing it up because the IPS plugin @savas uses is made for an older version of the program.
  6. IP tables FTW. But if they change the server's IP you're screwed! Not worth the risk. Plus all the connection attempts wasting resources. You should remove the backdoor.
  7. CRIMSON501

    I Think i need to quit now !!!

    I feel like @ADH. I have a major issue with this site. Over and over my posts have gotten removed or I list a file for free and it turns paid. I don't get it. I sent a PM to @savas saying: "What happened to my guide? Did you delete it?" And he responded: "You asking about totorials ? no its in databais but off for a waild bc crashing forum ... sorry about that" I don't understand what he means, we need to resolve these issues if we want this forum to be worth anything. It's not BBF if we can't have any content.
  8. CRIMSON501

    Minecraft server

    Lol, Google is your friend @savas!
  9. CRIMSON501

    Minecraft server

    Good idea, i'd like to help however I can. I have a lot of experience running bukkit servers.
  10. Released WoWonder v2.0.1 Nulled:
  11. We are working on pushing this update out asap. It includes a major security fix!

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