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  1. JimmyDang

    Jailbreak 11.3.1

    Hi RoyalC, There are 3 tools to jailbreak for IOs 11.3.1. They are : 1. Electra 2. Thor 3. Uncover (Recommended) They are good tools.
  2. Hello Osama, You mean we can remote to your vps ? If you need my help, pls inbox to me.
  3. "Error while sending QUERY packet." while I were adding new account. Error meesage: ".../.../.../accounts/new?callback=jQuery3110595040253979349_1533285749323 Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=12854 in /.../.....//...../public_html/app/vendor/usmanhalalit/pixie/src/Pixie/QueryBuilder/QueryBuilderHandler.php on line 152 Anyone help me ?
  4. Appreciated if you can share it ....
  5. Bookmard. wait for you

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