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  1. Это всё из-за .htaccess у меня также было. https://101poisk.ru/kak-ustanovit-ssl-sertifikat-na-sajt-wordpress-i-nastroit-https.html
  2. leonidbitkin

    REQ Script

    Hello, please merge this script it is very cool. I couldn't find it on the Internet.Please. https://codecanyon.net/item/rss-news-autopilot-script/12377505
  3. leonidbitkin

    REQ Script

    Hello, please merge this script it is very cool. I couldn't find it on the Internet.Please. https://codecanyon.net/item/rss-news-autopilot-script/12377505
  4. leonidbitkin

    HELP Next Hour

    download link? file? archive?
  5. Hello tell me how can I do to wonder automatically play gifs in posts and profile photo. And they could be uploaded as a profile photo.
  6. leonidbitkin

    GET Insider data on new versions of WoWonder

    Sorry, already fixed it.
  7. The new version of the wowonder will have a new design. Comment: "Hi, Haha, lol, v1.5.5 is coming in few weeks with new theme.". Here are screenshots of the new design version 1.5.5 Version 1.5 will be released in about 5-9 days and will have some new features. * In this version of mobile will be fully documented API. * In this version there will be a division of categories for the blog. * Synchronization with the mobile app will be fixed. * Fixed bugs. Version 1.6 will be released in about 2 months. * Will be added to the reactions. * Will feature live streams. Comment: "Hi, I shall fix this in future updates. I will take a look into this, and fix this in future updates. Password are not stored anymore using md5 since v1.5, we changed to sha1. Those are not stored in plan text, they are stored in DB, just the mysql host, user, etc are stored in config.php I shall fix this in future updates. You can’t upload those video extensions, those require FFMPEG to convert them to mp4, browsers can just play mp4 and mov HTML5 videos For sure you need to set the time, how you can to create an event without time? So won’t spam if you saw all the users, no one invites all his friends to his event or to an event just if he is trying to poromte the event etc. Therefore, just type the username and you can find him then add him. You can find them all in your friends’ list. For now, you can just see the number, not the users who are going/interested I’ll add more share options on near future. It’s because of the container, you can control that by changing the container size. What do you mean by arrows on arrows on the keyboard doesn’t work for the next/previous image? do you have examples? Becuase actually you are in mobile, so when you see the picture in the post, Its width is 100% of the container, so there won’t be different if lightbox is open or no. As it will stay the same. Plus, you have the comment section and there is no place to set that. This is due the theme, the theme will be changed in next update. I have already mentioned about the video issue above. This menu was changed in next update. I think I’ll merge the two pages together, however, what is not working in “find friends”? it doesn’t search by “location” or by “country” it search using lat / lng. It depends on where are you, if you are in the user profile, you’ll see the user images if you click next, if you are in the home page, then you’ll see the home posts. I shall fix this in near future. You can play that wav file by clicking on it for now. it is based on lat/lng of each user, if the user didn’t give permission to the browser to get his location, he won’t be found in the “find friends” page. It is uploaded to the server, but It’s not saved in the disk, when you get “the file is too large” the file is already deleted from your disk. Those are not about FFmpeg, how you we can get the movie year, date, category, cast, director etc from FFmpeg? FFmpeg can just help us with the video thumbnail. Not all users are using custom servers mate, 90% of our buyers are using shared hosting, they can’t use FFmpeg, therefore we didn’t add it. Thanks for the rest, I have noted them. I have noted your points and shall improve soon as I can. Note: If you have big comments, please send us by email, so the comment section won’t be messed up. Mostly comments here are used for pre-sale questions. You can send us and reply us here: https://doughouzforest.ticksy.com/ Thanks!" ***Thank you Savas for the screenshots***
  8. Our mission is building most complete City/Country or similar Guide Portal solution with industry innovative features, specifically designed for easy customization, translation and use. NULLED BY @w3bbi3 Why is map kiosk city guide portal script your best choice for business? You can earn money providing listing and featured submissions for visitors on portal with PayPal/Cash/Bank transfer payment support You can earn money with Google AdSense or other similar service You can add custom fields (textareas, inputs, dropdowns, upload) / amenities / distances direct from Admin interface (No programming skills needed) Top notch multilanguage (Backend+Frontend) features like auto-translating with MyMemory API service and Google translator (manually corrections are also supported), look this extra simplicity, try administration! Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different price on different language ) Supported front-end and backend user-types/roles with submissions: Admin, Agent and front-end Agent/User with admin verification Front-end Facebook login for extra lazy guys Each agent/agency and user have public profile page with all listings, logo can be listed on homepage Enquires system for you and your agents in administration Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, pages, fields Innovative drag & drop Menu and pages builder with logical page structure embedded Backup your database and files direct from administration Track your visitors with Google Analytics Based on Codeigniter, so if you know it you can easy customize anything you want Incredible support, documentation, knowledge base, FAQ section and quick answering on any issue! https://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-directory-portal/15315828 rebuilt.city-guide-directory-portal-bestblackforum.zip
  9. leonidbitkin

    GET Register JombloSosial

  10. leonidbitkin

    GET Themes Sociale v2.2.1

    Does not work
  11. leonidbitkin

    REQ Neptune Please

    I have all the modules, soon I will make a post. Don't work with nextpost as this script is not working. Instagram has updated its security system and now every time you try to do something you log out of your account on the site.
  12. leonidbitkin

    REQ Neptune Please

    Very much searched for but not found(

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