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  1. Yes I have extended license

  3. INFO: Android application for Nextpost Instagram Script VERSION: (last version) DEMO LINK: DEMO Original Price: $54 Nulled Price: $20 / one time (Life Time Update guarantee) !!! contact me if you want to buy this item Email: nine.jay@aol.com Telegram: @cheaplicense android application for script Nextpost Instagram This application depends on the Nextpost Instagram Script to work! Application developed for Nextpost users, with it customers can manage their dashboard directly from their mobile phone and get all the features of Nextpost on their smartphone. Demo .APK: http://bit.ly/2TuTcvl Attention! If you buy the Extended license you have the right to have our team configure and compile the application for you and whenever you leave an update you can ask our team to do this update for you. If you buy the license, our staff will continue to pre-order all the support for you, however we will not compile and configure the application, you will have to do this following the instructions contained in the Documentation. The documentation has instructions on how to make the necessary settings so that you can build and compile the application.
  4. INFO: Karenderia Point of Sale (POS) VERSION: (last version) DEMO LINK: DEMO Original Price: $34 Nulled Price: $19 / one time (Life Time Update guarantee) !!! contact me if you want to buy this item Email: nine.jay@aol.com Telegram: @cheaplicense Karenderia Point of Sale (POS) is merchant Point of Sale (POS) Windows application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System., it has complete features that all restaurant needs. Karenderia Point of Sale (POS) is designed with Winform UI, designed that has extreme user friendly interfacce that anyone can use without any difficulty. It has complete features that all restaurant needs. Full source code included Point of Sale is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which you can have your merchant Point of Sale application, in short is to make KMRS as POS System. Karenderia Point of Sale (POS) connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply upload the API files for the api and change the config file and your all done. Its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to upload the api & change the configs and how to Build it. Important: this is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which uses the backend of KMRS merchant panel and connects using json API, it means you cannot run this as stand alone you need to purchase Karenderia Multiple Restaurant Systemin order for this application to work. = Karenderia Restaurant Backend Panel Link: https://goo.gl/TfH7yV Credentials : Username : mcdo Password : mcdo Features Merchant Info ( Restaurant Info ) Automatically Print Merchant Login with existing merchant on KMRS Manage Merchant Info/Food Category/Addon etc by KMRS Merchant Panel Caller ID (need Ad101 Device) CRM ( Add and manage Merchant Client with Callnumber ) Food different sizes Food can have multiple sub item or addon Discount Gift Item Add Extras (Custom Extra) Viewlist: Last Orders Cancel Order Change Order Mutiple food category Autocomplete Address for Delivery Address (Powered by Google Maps) Client History (eg. first Order etc) Delivery Time - Distance – Driving Time (Powered by Google Maps) Easy to translate to any language and many more…. Software Requirements: Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or Higher, Visual Studio IDE
  5. it is functioning well. it is a complete clone of Stackposts Instagram activity module
  6. sorry i didn't installed it. you can use codecanyon demo
  7. INFO: Whatsapp Validator Pro VERSION: (last version) DEMO LINK: DEMO Original Price: $160 Nulled Price: $49 / one time (Life Time Update guarantee) !!! contact me if you want to buy this item Email: nine.jay@aol.com Telegram: @cheaplicense This software part of the simpel audiens bonus, this software can automatic filtering and validating bulk of phone number. You can combine all scraped result whatsapp contact from Simpel Audiens software to this software (Whatsapp Validator). You need to watch complete tutorial (included) and follow any step with carefully to get this software working good. Whatsapp Validator is software for filtering phone numbers using Whatsapp. so it will facilitate and shorten your time in choosing the number – the number you will make promotional targets throughwhatsapp. Imagine how much time you wasted? just to input data number that turns out when will you do promotion is not active in whatsapp? Therefore always use Whatsapp Validator.
  8. INFO: AutLand Suite Full – Social Media Marketing VERSION: (last version) DEMO LINK: DEMO Original Price: $2850 Nulled Price: $99 / one time (Life Time Update guarantee) !!! contact me if you want to buy this item Email: nine.jay@aol.com Telegram: @cheaplicense Get Customers We automate everything, so you only worry about selling Whatsapp in Massa NO BOUNDARIES FREE LIST Our robots control all functions, repeating everything in mass If you have not figured out how to have clients here, ask us! Be direct, do not waste time! Multiply your twitters for specific users or hashtags Mass feedback on multiple channels, bring your client to your channel Search users by keyword and send bulk messages without limits SMS Online using the new Android SMS, Unlimited with Moden 3G E-MAIL MARKETING We offer you the opportunity to send bulk emails without limits and put 100% in your recipient's inbox, and with a big difference: Open Images! MSG OLX EN MASSA Chat in Mass and Contact Extractor, by custom search Our Wifi with Check-In 1 - Check-in with Face 2 - Check-in with Google 3 - Check-in with registration 4 - Putting the chek-in on the Timeline 5 - It has online panel 6 - Show all emails from who has accessed 7 - Show all the phones you have accessed View more... View PDF Your top Google site, we'll teach you step by step View more... So you've created a website, and realized that it's useless, it's like a store in the middle of the Amazon rainforest ... You have two options, or you bring your store to where there are people, or you take people to the middle of the Amazon, Let's help you! Welby Elejandre 84 9943-4222 welbyelejandre@hotmail.com "My business tripled after I bought the software !! " Valentin Steckel 41 98403-6616 vsteckel@pmc.curitiba.pr.gov.br "most voted councilman in the city of Curitiba" Doctor Car 51 98231-0015 www.doctorcar.org "more than 35% increase in leads ..." IT'S FANTASTIC! MARCH 25 THE FANTASTIC SHOWED OUR SOFTWARE The story shows how robots manipulate political elections ... Robots were used in campaigns in the 2014 elections, study reveals - Read the report Watch the original video HERE - Learn about it here www.caboeleitoraldigital.com.br Get AutLand Suite Full 2018 Social Media Marketing Tools for : Tools for facebook advertising optimization Whatsapp Instagram Wifi com Check-In SMS em Massa Email Marketing Twitter LinkedIn Skype YouTube OLX Features Facebook Tools Facebook Data Miner : Search Emails and Phones from within Facebook Facebook Multi Messenger : Bulk Messaging using Facebook Messenger Facebook Hunter Posts : Extract Emails and Phones from Posts Facebook Post Groups : Group Mass Posts Facebook Extractor : Extractor User IDs with multiple customizations (ID only) Facebook Add Users : Add bulk users as Friends to your profile Facebook Add Groups : Participate in Groups in Mass, choosing by keyword Facebook Add Members : Add friends in Mass to your Group or who you Manage Facebook Auto Reply : Respond to bulk comments on posts Facebook Tanned Puller : Extracts all users who enjoyed any post Facebook Post Profiles : Mass Posting in Friends Profiles Facebook Auto Post : Sharing Page Posts Facebook Post Coments : Comment on posts in Mass Facebook Management Profile : Enjoy, Comment, and Share Timeline posts WhatsApp Tools Whatsapp Sender : Send individual bulk message Whatsapp Groups Sender : Send individual message using groups Whatsapp Lists Separator : Separate your lists by dividing the ones you have and the ones you do not have Whatsapp SMS Tools SMS ONLINE SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT MODEM : Send individual message NO LIMITS USING LIVE CHIP SIMPLE MULTI OPERATOR SMS : Sends SMS in Mass separating the 4 main operators SIMPLE SMS WITH TWO MODENS : Sending Turbo SMS Mass using 2 Modens Instagram Tools Instagram Followers : Follows and Discontinues users (includes extractor) Instagram Messenger : Mass message sending to users Instagram Tanned : Enjoy user posts in bulk OLX Tools Mass OLX Chat : Submit your bulk marketing on OLX chat OLX Unlocking Cell Phones : Do your search and remove the bulk ads phones Linkedin Tools LinkedIn Message Boards : Submit your bulk marketing using Linkedin messages Email Tools Mass Email With MS Outlook : Your email in the inbox with Powerful Microsoft Outlook Mass Email With Free Email : Send thousands of emails in your inbox using free accounts Skype Tools Mass Skype Message : Send bulk messages in Skype Chat Skype Add Contacts by Keyword : Add bulk contacts using keywords Youtube Tools Mass YouTube Comments : Mass comment on multiple channels, or all channel videos YouTube Search emails from Channels : Search email from search channels by keyword YouTube Increase Subscribers : Create multiple channels, and use ones to subscribe to others Twitter Tools Mass Twitters Message : Bulk Dash for hashtags on countless Twitters Wifi Tools Wifi with Check-in on Facebook : Check-In + Posting Sharing at check-in time Wifi with data of who accesses : Put your Wifi, and have the data of who accesses your internet SEO Tools UNLIMITED GMAPS Submit : Make your signup in bulk on Google Maps TSR LINK GENERATOR : Increase your referral links and appear at the top of Google Autland Suite – Version: 10.4 New Software Twitter Auto Likes: Enjoy posts. Updated Software Linkedin Marketing Plus: Fixed the error that occurred when leaving the delays field empty. Note: You can not leave empty, but it is not necessary to report the error either. Facebook Invite to Like: Added delay after guest user and applied improvements. SUITE: The update is now downloaded via the direct link in the browser. Facebook Hunter – Posts: Error when exporting data corrected. Software License : Professional Edition ( All Options )
  9. INFO: WhatsApp Sender Pro VERSION: (last version) DEMO LINK: DEMO Original Price: $95 Nulled Price: $20 / one time (Life Time Update guarantee) !!! contact me if you want to buy this item Email: nine.jay@aol.com Telegram: @cheaplicense WA Sender Pro Software Promotion that All Internet Marketers Must Have FREE promotion every time with High Conversion & Reaching Prospects RIGHT Automatically! PROMOTION To Thousands No Whatsaap is enough "ONCE CLICK" Forget the OLD WAY - we Automatically Everything! Fold Duplicate Your Business Benefits With SUPER FAST! WASenderPro is not just sending ordinary WhatsApp Bulk because with this software we can create money easily & quickly using powerful features that can help us to get new customers and to manage consumer databases for the next we can follow up very easily https://youtu.be/OpSTV_WFhDE Even though new products and no consumers will be very easy to get more sales by using WASenderPro , just 3 easy steps WA Sender Pro Is Not Just a Sender of Ordinary Bulk Promotions! Complete Features Make It Very PowerFull: Even though new products and no customers will be very easy to get a lot of sales using WASenderPro , just 3 easy steps below: WA Sender Pro Is Not Just a Sender of Ordinary Bulk Promotions! Then How Do You Get Thousands of New Prospects Every Time Using WA Sender Pro ?? It's easy with just 3 Easy Steps : Even though new products and no customers will be very easy to get a lot of sales using WASenderPro , just 3 easy steps below: 1. Use the Whatsapp Group Scraper feature Using the GROUP SCRAPER feature you can get thousands of Whatsapp Groups based on certain keywords and become members automatically. This Whatsapp Group is a gathering place for people who have Special Interests, for example, reseller groups, Sales groups or Groups for consumers of a particular product. 2. Take Group data using the Feature: Group Member Extractor With this Group Member Extractor feature we can suck all the full Whatsaap group member numbers in accordance with the product that we are going to promote in just one click, for the next we make our promotional prospect data. 3. Send Promotions using the Feature: Whatsapp Sender After getting prospective Prospect data RIGHT , then with the Whatsapp Sender Feature , you can easily do FREE Promotions directly to thousands of people at once just CLICK and get a good sales conversion by promoting the right Products to the right Prospects! THE BEST MARKETING TOOLS 2018 FREE Promotion with High Conversion & ReachingProspects RIGHT Automatically! One of the biggest website membership in Indonesia www.indomembership.com has awarded WASenderPro as one of the best Marketing Tools , it really inspired all WASenderPro teams to keep on updating the latest features to be even better, especially the most important is support services after purchase. Promotion RIGHT & More Sales! Use WA Sender Pro from now on! See What Powerful Features the WASenderPro has: #Multy Whatsapp Unilited Account Without WA Account Limitation You can use WhatsApp sender Pro to manage many Whatsapp accounts without limiting numbers, you can manage as much as possible, to promote all the products you have at once. Automatic & Scheduled #Whatsapp Sender Promotion to Thousands of Contacts in a single click With this feature, you can send thousands of messages automatically and scheduled with just one click. Directly send to thousands of target consumers whatsApp numbers for your product promotion, of course, very easy and practical without the need to have difficulty managing it. #WhatsApp Validator Filter numbers that have an active Whatsapp account With this validator feature you can filter for promotions only to whatsApp numbers that are active, so you can make sure all the promotions that you send reach the right prospective customers. #WhatsApp Chat Extractor Digs all the History Numbers that have sent messages to our Whatsapp With this WhatsApp Chat Extractor feature you can dig up the history of all contact number numbers that have contacted your online store's Whatsapp account, so you can have a database of prospective customers who have contacted the Whatsapp Marketing product you sell, and then you can do a Followup with conversion rates which is very high #Whatsapp Contact Extractor Copies all Whatsapp contact data in a single click With this WhatsApp contact Extractor feature we can copy all contacts stored in our online store's Whatsapp account, as a consumer database in all Whastapp marketing products that we have. #Whatsapp Group Scraper Mens groups of Whatsapp based on specific product keywords With this WhatsApp Group Scraper feature we can explore WhatsApp Unlimited groups based on certain keywords and according to the products we have, for the next all members can suction for us to make the prospect of promoting the products we have. #Member Group Extractor Extract all Whatsapp group members in a single click With this member group Extractor feature we can retrieve all members of the WhatsApp group and be directly included in the product promotion target that we have, just click CLICK all the WhatsApp group members can we extract completely Easy Ways to Manage Consumer Databases and Followups with Amazing Results ! Forget the Old Way - We Automate Everything! Valid and Targeted Consumers The Most Valuable Thing That Can Make You More and More Money WA Sender Pro Saving a lot of time and money you Promotion FREE distinguished Make More Sales & New Prospects, we Automate Everything! "Designed by & for entrepreneurs and online experts to accelerate your success online"
  10. I have his address through PayPal. I will publish his address

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