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  1. Hello readers! I want phpFOX 4.6.1 Nulled can someone help me and sent me a nulled copy of it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Coolest Social Network CMS ever! That is one of the highlights of this latest stable version release. With its newly designed AdminCP, phpFox officially announces the release of phpFox 4.6.1. AdminCP Dashboard Apps Installed Usergroup Settings Menu Manager Fixed Issues All the major bugs and issues from phpFox 4.6.0 have been fixed. Some of the highlights are as follows: Profile photo doesn’t show in Bootstrap theme. Cannot login as other users. The photo isn’t found in the feed when users update profile picture. Guests can access some pages although the site is in offline mode. Wrong monthly price displayed in Membership Upgrades. We also fixed all the issues reported by our clients in our GitHub and Community. See the complete list of fixed issues here. Improvements As always phpFox did many improvements focusing on the core features of the script. Aside from enhancing the layout and structure of the AdminCP, here are some of the things you need to know. Allow admin to freeze header, sub-menu, profile-menu, left-right columns in the Material template. Support phpFox to run in PHP version 7.2 IP Information – show more information: region, city, zip code, lat, long, timezone Auto expands comment box. See the complete list of improvements here. Development Updates If you are developers and you have a concern about the changes in the Core script on this version. Please visit here to get more detailed information. ChangeLog See the complete changed file list here. Installation We encourage all the clients to backup all the files and database of your site before performing the upgrade. Make sure to always check with 3rd party experts the compatibility of all the add-ons you use before doing the upgrade. Moreover, please use the links below: Download Upgrade Instructions Installation Guide New to phpFox? If you are a newbie and looking for a software to build a social network website, phpFox is the right platform for you. phpFox is the ultimate solution for your social network. It is an easy to use software giving you the ability customize and comes packed with advanced social networking features found on top community websites. Ask us how and get your own license at phpfox.com If you found any issues with this version, please let us know by reporting immediately to our GitHub Tracker. We also encourage you to join and stay connected with the Community Forum.
  2. Tiger

    Hi to all

    Hello! Welcome to BFF!
  3. Moved to WoWonder | PlayTube | Flame.
  4. Tiger

    HELP Themes Beloved

    We have currently only Beloved 2.2.1 but there isnt so many difference between the versions.
  5. Tiger

    how to download

    Hello serran, You can download at https://bestblackforum.com/files/ You must donate €2 or more to download almost everything.
  6. Tiger

    Nobody Welcomed Me :(

    Welcome to BBF!
  7. Hello Members, Today they released WoWonder Update! But why? I can tell you. I reported an exploit (CLICK) that you can get admin account in every WoWonder system. So I saved all systems for you. You can use WoWonder without exploits for now! Thanks for reading.
  8. Hello BBF, I'm selling a method (ebook) to get 100% Legit a Adobe Creative Cloud account that have all the products! All the products will be stored in your own account if you own already one, Or just create a new one. The products will be forever in your account and will NOT be removed from your account. What are the profits? - No virus, cracks, patches or torrents! - You can sell them for money! - Everytime the latest version! - Fast downloads! - Lifetime products! - Product support! Included products - Photoshop - Lightroom - Illustrator - InDesign - Adobe X-D - Premiere Pro - After Effects - Dimensie - Acrobat Pro - Dreamweaver - Adobe Muse - Animate - Adobe Audition - Lightroom Classic - Character Animator - Spark - Bridge - Media Encoder - InCopy - Prelude - Story Plus - Fuse (Beta) How much should it costs? - €14,99 for the whole method and support from me
  9. Tiger

    Best coin to mine?

    dogecoin? (Serieus!)
  10. Tiger

    Detekt - Find your friends

    Website doesn't work anymore - I close this thread. (If its back online you can ask for unclose)
  11. No requests in other topics. Please request in the special sections.
  12. Tiger

    HELP Need help plugin combo

    The plugins are for 1.4.+, 1.5+ doesnt use any (stable) plugins anymore
  13. Tiger

    CRACK WinRAR Universal Patcher

    It works you most click on "Donate" what only you redirects to a webpage, you can close the webpage again and u can crack it. and you must find the WinRAR location where its installed.
  14. Tiger

    HELP Need help plugin combo

    Do you use WoWonder 1.5.3+?
  15. >> DOWNLOAD NOW << Native messengers for WoWonder Third Party Themes WoWonder is very easy to install, Watch how to install WoWonderDemo 1 Follow System + Wonder button Demo 2 Friends System + Dislike buttonWonder & Dislike buttons are available on follow & friends systems. User Features (Demo) High Performance & High Level Cache System: The #1 thing that must be available on any social network website, The Speed ! Speed up your website with our Cache system, enable it and the website can handle more than 1 Million user! Wonder (New Feature): With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos, videos. RTL Support: WoWonder also supports right to left languages. Social Login: With WoWonder you can login via most famous social media websites like (Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – LinkedIn – Vk – Instagram). Easy & Nice Looking URL: Users, Pages, Group all in one tiny URL ! User Last Seen: Displays user’s last seen/online status. Profile visit Notification: Receive notification from users who visited your profile. Friends & Follow System: WoWonder Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter. Home/News Feed: Displays Posts, Photos, Files, Videos, and Maps posted by friends/followed people, Also story filters, follow/friends suggestions, and user activities list. User Timeline: Displays user?s profile with Posts, Photos, Videos posted and shared by user. Pages: User can create unlimited pages and invite his friends to like the pages. Groups: User can create unlimited groups and invite/add his friends to his joined groups. Games: User can play unlimited flash games. Social Videos Support: User can easily share videos from the biggest videos sharing websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook videos & Soundcloud music Photo Album: User can create unlimited photo albums with nice looking style. Cover Picture: Dynamic Cover for users. Profile Picture: Dynamic profile picture for users. User Privacy: Control who can message you, post on your timeline, follow you, confirm follow requests or not, last seen, etc. User Profile Info: Displays user’s profile information (birthday, website, gender, social media, about, last seen, etc). Notifications: Receive notification from users (likes, dislikes, comments, wonders, shares .. etc) #Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users. @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages. Post Publisher: Status, Sound cloud, YouTube, Vine, Google Maps, Videos, Files, Photos and emoticons. Delete & Edit Posts: User can delete and edit his own posts. Save Posts: User can save posts to view them later. User Events: User can share their events like feelings/travailing/watching/playing/listening. Recent Search: What ever the user was looking for, all will be saved into recent searches with the ability to clear them. Post Privacy: User can choose the post privacy (Only me, Everyone.. etc) Likes: Like or unlike a post. View list of people who like this. Dislike: Dislike a post. View list of people who dislike this. Comments & Replies: Comment on a post, Reply to a comment, View all post comments. Search: Search for people, #Hashtags with our filtered search system. Reports: Report posts to be checked by administrators. Live Chat: Real-time live chat system, (online, offline) status. Messages: Send and receive private messages & share files from other Users. API: retrieve user data, user posts, search for users via API. Activities: Displays user’s latest activities (likes, shares,comments, wonders) Multi Languages: 4 Languages (Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish) with the ability to add unlimited languages. Verified Profiles/Pages. Fully responsive for all devices, browsers. Password recovery by email. Online user counter on admin & home page. Comment auto detector Emoticons. and much more… Admin Panel Features: Admin Dashboard: Full statics with charts analyzing the site information. General Settings: Update general settings of website. Site settings: Update site settings like name,title,keywords.. etc .. Theme System: Dynamic theme system with PHP support that allows you to change the whole layout of the website. Advertisement: Display ads on your websites. Manage Reports: View reported posts, mark them as safe or delete. Manage Users: View, edit, verify, reset password, delete users. Manage Posts: View, delete posts. Add/Edit Games: Add and edit games on easy way from the admin panel. Mailing List: With our mailing list system you can send your message to all registered users in just one click ! Announcements: Write, edit, delete, active, and inactive your announcements. Google analytics: Add, edit your Google analytics code. Ban user: Ben user ip on very easy way. reCaptcha: Add, edit your reCaptcha key. and so much more… Requirements: PHP 5.5 or Higher.MySQLi.GD Library.mbstring.cURL.allow_url_fopen.SSL certificate (just require for video chat). Updates Version 10/20/2017 Version 1.5.3 10/01/2017 Version 1.5.2 9/3/2017 Version 1.5.1 8/27/2017 [Script stability update] Version 1.5 8/24/2017 Version 1.4.5 5/25/2017 Version 4/11/2017 Version 3/2/2017 Version 2/23/2017 Version 2/10/2017 Version 1/27/2017 Version 1.4.4 1/11/2017 Version 1.4.3 8/12/2016 Version 1.4.2 10/10/2016 Version 1.4.1 3/10/2016 [Script stability update] Version 1.4 9/25/2016 Version 1.3.4 6/27/2016 [Script stability update] Version 1.3.3 6/19/2016 Version 1.3.2 5/17/2016 Version 1.3.1 4/24/2016 Version 1.3 4/21/2016 Version 1.2.3 2/26/2016 Version 1.2.2 1/29/2016 Version 1.2.1 12/1/2016 Version 1.2 10/1/2016 Version 1.1 12/8/2015

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