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  1. I think he means "How can he Get Wowonder Feature Updated Scripts nulled, that is how can i null any latest Update of the script....." Just my thought any ways.
  2. Nulled WoWonder (Nulled)

    Cool testing it out too
  3. GET Bootpay- merchant(Business)

    No screenshot or demos ???
  4. GET NOT NULLED Classified Ads CMS - Quickad

    Sir Savas thanks for all this offers I very much appreciate please i have a request i need JUst Wallet from CodeCanyon please find a way to help God bless you sir. I can domain more for it. i can donate for bbf eXclusive for it please i need the latest Version. thanks in advanced
  5. Cool Thanks do you have this to share will appreciate alot.
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  7. Live Preview Screenshots Add To Favorites With the help of Just Wallet, you can in a few minutes create your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment processing! This script is amazingly similar to such large payment services as PayPal or Bitcoin! Your client will be able to replenish the wallet in any currency, and through several payment gateways. The funds can be keeping on the wallet balance, exchanging for other internal currencies, and also withdrawal in third-party payment services, for example PayPal. Just Wallet script created on framework Codeigniter and can be infinitely modify or customized according to your need! Features User manager Transaction manager Disputes system Account verification Vouchers Merchant system IPN notification Ticket system Multilanguage Notification system Messages Deposit and withdrawal funds PayPal, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, ADV Cash integration Сurrency exchange Storing up to 6 currencies Twailio SMS integration Email and SMS editor SEO settings Activiti log Fee manager Request payment and more… Update 2.0.2 03/04/2018 - fixed buy now button Update 2.0.1 03/04/2018 - fixed pagination fir admin panel -> items - fixed add category - fixed edit category - fixed edit merchant - add money transfer for user in Admin panel - add withdrawal money for user in Admin panel - add confirm button for bank deposit methods - fixed header for mobile device - fixed xss settings Update 2.0 01/04/2018 - Codeigniter 3.1.6 - Bootsrap 4 - new code structure - new template for user and admin site - add deposit method Skrill - add deposit method PayGol - add deposit method Coinpayments - add deposit method local Bank transfer - add deposit for any currency - add withdrawal method Skrill - add withdrawal method Payza - add code protection for money transfer - add invoices systems - add Shop merchants - add cart and orders - add hold balance - add Live rate currency via API fixer - add Gravatar API for transactions history - add fee for money exchange - add profit statistics - add Two-factor authorization via app - add Two-factor authorization via sms - add Two-factor authorization via email - add Google CAPTCHA - add visual editor for page content - add additional methods of checking deposits - fixed and changed merchants systems - fixed and changed IPN systems - fixed and changed disputes systems - fixed and changed support systems - fixed and changed verification and 100+ not global changes Update 1.1.5 08/11/2017 - add extra XSS filter Update 1.1.4 06/11/2017 - add XSS global filter; - fixed SCI form Payeer; - fixed SCI form ADV Cash; - fixed SCI Bitcoin monitoring; - add PSD file header; - update IPN and FAQ documentation. Update 1.1.3 26/09/2017 - fixed generation of payment method ADV Cash; - fixed generation of payment method Payeer; - added the ability to create a waiting transaction for a bank transfer; - added the ability to manage the status of transactions; - update documentation; - other minor fixes. Update 1.1.2 27/08/2017 - add voucher systems; - integrate BlockChain in Deposit and SCI; - add captcha in SCI wallet payment; - fixed IPN PayPal; - add email template "Make payment"; - add standing fee for deposit and SCI; - fixed bags dispute systems; - changed money transfer system; - other small fix. WHO CAN HELP WITH THIS SCRIPT LATEST VERSION ?????? PLEASE I NEED IT THANKS IN ADVANCED
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  9. Bitcoins: the Complete Guide

    Thanks a lot Savas Great one you have here. Please can I use the online bitcoin wallet or Block chain wallet to receive my mining coins. That is I don't need to download the software first? Thanks
  10. What is Short Selling Bitcoin All About? Short selling allows you to basically borrow an asset, such as Bitcoins, and sell it at current prices. Later on, you can purchase the Bitcoins to pay back the person or organization you borrowed them from when selling the first time around. Hopefully, when you go to repurchase the Bitcoins, prices will have dropped, so it will be cheaper to purchase the assets that need to be paid back. Let’s illustrate this with a short example: You short sale (borrow and sell) 10 Bitcoins when the price is $4,000 This means you get $40,000 Price of Bitcoin drops to $3,500 You repurchase 10 Bitcoins to give back to the agency you borrowed from at 10*$3,500 = $35,000 Your total profit is $40,000-$35,000 = $5,000 How to Short Sell Bitcoin? If you want to short sell Bitcoins, you will contact a trading agency or platform and place a short sell order. The agency will then sell the Bitcoins from their own supply, based on the assumption that in the future you will repay them with an equal number of Bitcoins. If you sell 10 Bitcoins, for example, you will eventually have to “cover” those 10 Bitcoins, whether prices rise or drop. If prices drop, it will be cheaper to rebuy these 10 Bitcoins. If prices rise, it will be more expensive. When short-selling, the firm or individual who loaned Bitcoins to you can generally recall the assets at any given time and are required to give you only a short notice. So make sure you read any rules, regulations, or guidelines for “covering” any assets you short sell. With markets fluctuating at such a rapid rate, costs can swing wildly, putting you at risk. Short selling can be especially risky if the lender calls in the assets before prices have a chance to drop. There are a variety of ways to short Bitcoin: Short Sell CFDs Short selling is actually very common with stocks and most major trading platforms allow you to short stocks. Some Bitcoin CFD trading platforms now allow you to short-sell Bitcoins (e.g. AvaTrade or Plus500), when trading CFDs your capital is at risk. Also, Keep in mind that these platforms don’t actually hold Bitcoins and are using a method called Contract for Difference. Shorting via a Bitcoin Exchange Exchanges geared towards crypto traders offer short support as a matter of course, and some allow for leveraged shorting too. These exchanges include: Bitfinex GDAX Kraken BTCC Bitflyer … and many more. Ensure that the exchange you pick is reputable and remember; any bitcoins kept on an exchange are only yours in theory. Put Options Certain specialized exchanges, such as BitMEX, offer Bitcoin options trading. Purchase of an option grant the ability, but not the obligation, to trade at a specific price by a certain expiry date. If you have experience with options trading this method might suit you, otherwise it’s not recommended for beginners. Options are complex but do allow for greater flexibility and higher leverage. Timing a Bitcoin Short Sell IF you time it right… Shorting Bitcoin is trading against the long-term uptrend; the longer you hold your trade the riskier this becomes. Of course, this is only true provided Bitcoin markets remain bullish (i.e. price go up) – but in July 2017 this appears to be the expectation of amateur and professional traders alike. Another thing to remember – the maximum profit potential of a short is limited to a Bitcoin price of 0, whereas buyers have an unlimited upside of [infinity]. If you examine Bitcoin price charts, you’ll soon realize the truth of the old trading aphorism, “price takes the stairs up but the elevator down.” Whereas bullish moves take time to build and develop, bearish moves tend to be relatively short and sharp. Trying to short the top of a big bull run is tough; you’re likely to stop out multiple times as Bitcoin keeps rising like a stubborn zombie. The smarter play is to short when price reaches resistance; such as the top of an established downtrendline, channel, or previous major high. If price persistently pushes through any of these structures, you’ll soon know that your short was wrong and can exit (“close”) it at only a minor loss. Keep in mind that if many traders are positioned similarly, a price surge may result as fearful traders compete to close their shorts. This is known as a short squeeze. A perfect example may be seen at the right edge of the above chart. Analyzing the market for Short Sell Opportunities Beyond technical analysis, it helps to know the Bitcoin space well. Certain past events have triggered major sell-offs: Failure of major exchanges, eg. Gox collapse. Hostile regulatory action in major countries, eg. “China bans Bitcoin” fake news. Well-known developers throwing a quit fit, eg. Mike Hearn. Heightened hard fork risks, eg. the recent anxieties over UASF before BIP 91 locked in (review the last couple of weeks on the above chart). Delays or setbacks in widely-desired upgrades, eg. SegWit. Events expected to have a very negative impact on price, should they ever occur, include: Any contentious hard fork. Breach of the cryptographic primitives used in Bitcoin (SHA256, secp256k1). Discovery of Bitcoin code exploits which threaten wallet security or network operation. Hostile actions against Bitcoin mining companies by the Chinese government. Movement in the first million or so bitcoins mined by Satoshi Nakomoto. Events which, thus far, have had surprisingly little negative impact on price include: The failure (through fraud or seizure) of darknet markets, eg. Silk Road or Alpha Bay. Full blocks and correspondingly high transaction fees. Claims of having unmasked the identity of Satoshi Nakomoto, eg. Dorian Nakomoto fake news or Craig Wright hoax. Hostile pronouncements from journalists, economists, politicians, bankers, etc. None of the above lists should be considered exhaustive. Remember that bullish markets tend to shrug off bad news and that markets may ignore, misinterpret or overreact to negative events. The risks of Bitcoin Short Trading We should warn you, however, that short-selling any asset is a high-risk venture. Normally, when you invest in an asset your losses are limited to the amount of money you have invested in that asset. For example, if you invest $10,000 dollars in a stock, and that stock suddenly collapses and become worthless, your losses will be limited to the $10,000 dollars you invested. When short selling, however, your losses could extend far beyond your initial investment, something that is very important to consider, especially with Bitcoin. The easiest way to explain this is to use an example: Let’s say you short-sold $100 dollars worth of Bitcoin back when prices were only $10 dollars per coin. That means you short-sold 10 coins. Let’s assume that you have yet to repurchase the coins, meaning that you still have to pay the owner back with 10 Bitcoins. At current prices that would cost more than $40,000 dollars! As you can see, short-selling any asset can be very risky. If you want to short sell Bitcoins or anything else, you need to be very careful. Only invest if you are very confident that prices will drop, and if you have money to cover your losses if investments rise. Make sure you watch prices closely and cut your losses if prices start to rise too quickly. That being said, if your intuition turns out to be correct and prices do drop, you could make a lot of money. If you short-sold a single Bitcoin that’s currently selling for $1,200 dollars, for example, and prices collapsed back to $100 dollars, you’d make approximately $1,100 bucks, and that’s not a bad pay day at all! That being said, if your intuition turns out to be correct and prices do drop, you could make a lot of money. If you short-sold a single Bitcoin that’s currently selling for $4,000 dollars, for example, and prices collapsed back to $2,500 dollars, you’d make approximately $1,500 bucks, and that’s not a bad pay day at all! If you have any experiece with short selling Bitcoin I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.
  11. Are you thinking of joining the Bitcoin mining universe? In case you don’t know, you can either mine on your own or as part of a pool. In terms of profit, there aren’t really many differences: solo mining will give you large and irregular payouts, as pooled mining will result in small and frequent payouts. In the end, they both add up to the same amount. Whatever your choice might be, remember you need to follow certain steps to successfully mine Bitcoins: Get the right Bitcoin mining hardware. Today only ASIC miners are a viable option for mining Bitcoin. Get the best software that matches your needs Arrange a way to receive the profits of mining Start solving algorithms. This is where you stop and think: but what is the best software for me if I don’t even know them all? Well, let’s make a small list of the most used software and help you choose. IMPORTANT – Software that doesn’t support ASIC mining should be ignored for mininig Bitcoin as you can only profit today if you use an ASIC miner. 1. CGminer This software is, currently, the most popular GPU/FPGA/ASIC miner. CGminer is an open source GPU miner written in C available for several platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X. One of the things that make it extremely popular is the fact that it’s based on the original code Cpu Miner, which you can discover in Bitcoin Wiki. This software includes overclocking, monitoring, fans peed control and remote interface capabilities. His other features include self detection of new blocks with a mini-database, binary loading of kernels, multi GPU support and CPU mining support. There are a lot of other characteristics you can discover here, at CGminer official forum. Download CGminer here. 2. BFGminer This software is a derivative of the previous CGminer, designed specifically for FPGA and ASICs, but without the central focus on GPUs like CGminer. The latest update on BFGminer, the 3.1.1 version launched in April 2012, features dynamic clocking, monitoring and remote interface capabilities. Besides being a super versatile program, BFGminer has really interesting features: vector support, integrated overclocking and fan control, ADL device reordering by PCI bus ID, support for mining with free Mesa/LLVM OpenCL and for getblocktemplate decentralized mining protocol and also crypt mining support for both CPU and OpenCL (GPU). A little reminder: if you’re mining with a ModMiner, X6500 or ZTEX devices, you need to download bitstreams to make sure BFGMiner 3+ works with your device. You can find them in the official BFGminer forum and check BFGminer’s official website here. Download BFGminer here. 3. BitMinter We can say that, although BitMinter might not be the most popular mining software, it’s certainly one of the best when it comes to connect with users and potential “clients”. The software’s official website is quite complete and straightforward: for the creators of the program, it’s all about making Bitcoin mining “easy” and winning “high payouts”. BitMinter is different because it’s a software that belongs to a mining pool, so your initial step is to register and fill in the pool sign-up form. So, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a simple installation. Besides being available for operative systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, BitMinter assures a good mining speed and long polling in order to reduce stale work. It also allows you to mine on OpenCL-compatible GPUs or ASICs/FPGAs (BFL, Block Erupter and other Icarus-compatible). The official BitMinter forum can be found here. 4. BTCMiner This open source Bitcoin mining software for ZTEX USB-FPGA Modules 1.15 runs on the operative systems Linux and Windows. Yet, Windows users need to install the libusb driver first, which you can find here. The FPGA boards supported by BTCMiner (USB-FPGA Modules 1.15b and 1.15d, USB-FPGA Modules 1.15x and USB-FPGA Modules 1.15y.) have a USB interface, which can be used for communication and programming, allowing the user to build low cost FPGA clusters with standard components (like USB hubs, for instance). In practical terms, this means no JTAG programmer is required and the program allows to run large mining rigs from just one software instance. The software features a ready-to-use Bitstream, which doesn’t require any Xilinx Software or a license, so this is an advantage. However, its dynamic frequency scaling is based on error measurement: so, BTCMiner automatically chooses the frequency with the highest rate of valid hashes. You can find BTCMiner official website here and discover more about this mining software. Download BTCminer here. After presenting you these different software miners and its characteristics, it’s safe to say one thing: more important than rating them and placing them on a podium, you need to know them to correctly choose the one that’s better for your needs and already available hardware. If you’re looking for a technical comparison, Stay tunned I will Post That soon. Good Mining
  12. What social networking system is better?

    Wowonder is the best So Far but lets take a look at breeze Its cool and fast growing script. Check It Out on Codecayon.
  13. What social networking system is better?

    Check Out my Latest Post I think WE should Add Breeze Social Network to The Vote System. Its cool and fast growing script. Check It Out on Codecayon.
  14. What social networking system is better?

    Check Out my Latest Post I think WE should Add Breeze Social Network to The Vote System. Its cool and fast growing script. Check It Out on Codecayon.
  15. View File Breeze - Giant Social Network Platform Free Download What’s new ? Version 2.3.0 (31 December) Boosted slow image processing on whole site. Added fresh new color combination to whole site. Added brand new icons set for side navigation(made by flaticon. com). Added trending option on side navigation. Splitted and improved post comment and more button. Improved color and design of panels inside side navigation. Fixed issues related admin panel(Locked navigation). Version 2.2.0 (27 December) Added fresh new desgined and well arranged side navigation or admin. Added ability to clear temp files. Added temp files counter on admin panel(Dashboard). Added support for auto check for extensions while updating script from admin panel. Improved color combinations of main header. Improved the security against broken extension attachments. Fixed issues related with executing reports. Learn about 2.0 Breeze Ultimate is the one and lonely clone of nicely know social community the Fb.It lets you setup your dream website, your personal social community like Fb.This new social community rolls all one of the best bits of our earlier social community and previous/new concepts into one, straightforward to put in and handle.Breeze Ultimate platform has numerous options with numerous browser help together with IE9 class previous browsers.It has trendy responsive design, retina show prepared, full fb look in addition to options, graphs, charts, sensible messenger, 7th Gen advance search engines (Top search, pages, groups, videos, photos, users, posts and very own profile). Reside preview User demo : User demo (Open registration no e-mail verification) :: You possibly can log in utilizing demo account Username : livedemo Password : demoversion Admin demo : Admin demo (No credentials required for demo) Notes In stay preview listed options are disabled : Auto picture orientation Admin can’t save setings or execute stories Emails(Each e mail notifications and e mail verification) Demo user can’t comply with/unfollow, save settings or change covers. Demo user can’t create/edit/delete groups or update group covers. Posts posted by demo user remain hidden. Demo user can’t delete post/comments. Now we speak concerning the options and that i’m going to record the essential one as i stated it has numerous options so you’ll be able to uncover all of them within the reside preview. USER FEATURES NEWS FEEDS – shows posts posted by individuals you follows, movies shared, associates strategies, trending users from earlier month, individuals you could know sections, on-line users, lately logged out users trending personalities(fb like instructed pages) and friends activities. GROUP FEEDS – shows posts posted by groups you follows, and complete groups list like facebook. PAGE FEEDS – shows posts posted by pages you follows, and complete pages list like facebook. PROFILES – The Profile page features cover and profile images, gallery, information about the user, followings and followers. GROUPS – With Groups you can create and manage communities, stay in touch with the members, share statuses.Groups are of 3 types(Public,Private and Secret) with plenty of options.Users can follow/unfollow and join/leave groups like fb.Users can add/remove/edit group members for example admins can turn on/off posting for particular users and turn on/off cover update rights for particuar users. PAGES – With pages you can create pages to promote your brand, community, company, etc. as well as keeping your fan base up to date with your activity.Pages support unlimited categories and tons of features such as page roles, logs, page about.Users can like/unlike as well as follow/unfollow pages. POSTS – Share your life moments, status updates with backgrounds, photos, music, videos, movies, places, visited locations, with the public or friends.Add how you feeling, check-in and much more. CHATS – (Single and group chats) – Add covers, icons or description to your chats.Add or take away your folks in new or present chats.Messenger has variety of enhanced options like discussion groups, group admins, group identify and descriptions.Group users can request group admin for addition of users or removing of member which makes teams extra pleasant for all of the group users. REAL TIME CONTENT – Breeze Ultimate supports real time profile notifications, real time chat notifications, real time chats, real time pals exercise, real time just lately logged and real time on-line associates. PRIVACY – Breeze Ultimate made privateness a combined answer of instagram and Fb privateness performance, by which users can set privateness on posts(Similar for all posts(like instagram)), followers, gallery and all of the stay sections of thier profile particularly(like fb).Plus Users can set privateness on their cowl and profile photos too. SEARCH – Instant search allows searching for conent on Breeze.It shows mixed results(Top results like facebook) from profiles, groups, videos and pages. USERS SEARCH – Search for profiles with dynamic filters.Users can add matching keywords to bio, education and profession as filters. GROUP SEARCH – Search for Groups with dynamic filters.Users can add matching keywords to group description and select group type as filters. PAGE SEARCH – Search for Pages with dynamic filters.Users can add matching keywords to page description and select page type as filters. HASHTAG SEARCH – Search for Posts with dynamic filters.It’s simply superior beacuse it permits users to slender hashtag outcomes and surf limitless.Properly it has variety of options which aren’t even obtainable in any script, anyplace on the earth.In Hashtag search users can set publish supply filters(user’s followings,anybody), publish sort(standing updates, photographs or movies) ,publish date filters and extra coming quickly. VIDEOS SEARCH – Search for videos shared.It shows youtube embed and oher videos links shared by users.Also it doesn’t use youtube API KEY for results. PROFILE SEARCH – Utilizing Profile search users can simply seek for content material inside their very own profile.Profile search has three knowledge scopes User’s followers, User’s followings listing and user’s posts. TRENDING PICTURES – is probably the most entertaining part of this platform the place users can discover newest in addition to prime pictures posted on community.Users can filter trending photographs utilizing date filters. HASHTAGS – Users can add hashtags in comments, messages, posts from profile, posts from groups and posts from Pages. @MENTION – Users can mention other users in comments, messages, posts from profile, posts from groups and posts from Pages. MENTION! – Mentions with exclamation(e.g “username!”) adds an extra feature to @mention.It sends a notification to mentioned user. FAR MORE – There are variety of options which aren’t listed. ADMIN FEATURES STATISTICS – Dashboard is sort of trendy.It helps graphs, line charts, pie charts and bar charts.All of the above listed stuff will provide you with the essential details about all time shares, web site efficiency combined graph based mostly on final seven days knowledge, web site storage standing, web site cache(web site thumb acceleration), users, registrations, pictures, points and far more. WEBSITE UPDATER – Allows you to quickly update your website from admin panel in few clicks. WEBSITE PATCHER – Without any coding or editing files, you can quickly fix bugs by applying quick patches from admin panel. SITE SETTINGS – Change pictures, followers, followings, search outcomes, posts, feedback, chat conversations per web page.Change the character restrict per Submit and Chat Message Change Minimal and most character restrict for usernames and passwords. Activate/off Infinite scrolling and rather more Edit web site title, model identify and font colors on welcome display. USER SETTINGS – Set defaults for brand spanking new registrations.Activate/off e-mail verification, captcha, Most picture add measurement, auto picture orientation fixer and picture dimensions (Totally different for various sections), saving high quality, SMTP settings and far more. THEMES – The built-in themes system allows to switch between themes in an instant, changing your website appearance to a fresh new look..Auto detect or non-supported theme EXTENSIONS – The built-in extension system allows to add new functionality to your website in order to offer a better experience for your users. POST BACKGROUNDS – Add/remove/reorder/activate backgrounds for status updates with backgrounds. LANGUAGES – The built-in languages system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.Auto detect or non-supported languages.Set default language. MANAGE USERS – Manage your users, view and change general account information, verify, delete or suspend users, everything with a few clicks. MANAGE REPORTS – Manage the reported messages or comments with ease, get summary statistics, view the reported content and take appropriate actions. ADVERTISEMENT – The predefined advertisement spots allows you to easily insert your 3rd party ad-unit code in various locations on your website. SCRIPT FEATURES PURE AJAX – It’s not dynamic web page load website-vast it’s advance web page loading with capability to load content material in elements.For instance, navigation as soon as fetched can be preserved until user depart web site. ADVANCE SETTINGS – Script settings are proceesed and situated inside one file.You possibly can transcend admin panel and edit extra of your web site options which incorporates enabling/disabling trending hastags on search primary, trending hashtags on different pages and so forth…, associates exercise, on-line associates, strategies, trending users, individuals you might now…. alomost all the things could be enabled/disabled.In settings file you possibly can change uploads places and different import textual content limits too. DESIGN – Web site default theme is one hundred% responsive and helps virtually each system.You will see how pixel pefect the design actually is within the stay preview.Scipt had totally different layouts for various browsers too.Some options will automattically changed with others for IE 9 and different previous browsers.On this platform we had prolonged again the product help to IE 9 and lots of different previous browser.To expertise a lot of the options i like to recommend you to take preview in a contemporary browser like Chrome or Mozilla. SAFETY – Every validation goes via two safety perform which prevents XSS in addition to SQL Injects so you possibly can simply deal with or replace security measures. CLEAN – Script construction is properly designed and versatile.No a part of the script code is encrypted or with out feedback.The entire script measurement is underneath 1MB (e.x.t theme). MUCH MORE – As i stated earlier it has loads of options plus numerous browser help you have to take stay preview.If you wish to exprience format options like lifeless finish scroller for desktop users and JQuery detacher should examine it on a desktop.Some additional added options which makes this prouct prepared to make use of are SMTP integration (PHPmailer), Customized scrolls, 870+ Emojis, Password restoration, Present extra for giant textual content paragraphs in posts, E-mail verification, URL rewrite guidelines and rather more.. Submitter Godwin Kingblizzy Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Scripts Demo http://gurkookers.com/ultimate/index.html#demo Nulled Yes VirusTotal https://codecanyon.net/item/fasebook-social-network/full_screen_preview/20045878 Tested Yes  

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