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  1. Reid Atreides

    GET Wowonder

    i am looking for update file . can you upload it?
  2. Reid Atreides

    GET NULLED WoWonder v1.5.5.2 (Nulled)

    i need the only update file plisss..
  3. Reid Atreides

    Bitcoins: the Complete Guide

    great post savas. very useful
  4. i love this type of person. Wish a problem-solving rather than quick help
  5. in some case, that error occured when you mistype the protocol / address of your domain. don't type https://domain.com for a plain http://domain.com unless you have a valid certificate. this also if you using flexible cerificate such as cloudflare.
  6. WoWonder Timeline is A social timeline application for WoWonder social network, with WoWonder Timeline users can Post & Interact with users feeds and like and comment and more , now using the application is easier, and more fun ! Demo: https://10-d.tk/tz44cDownload: https://10-d.tk/smaka
  7. Download Material Dashboard Pro Angular 2 Demo: https://10-d.tk/myr82 Download: Zippyshare
  8. IOadsserver (you shared) was very old.. it use old programming pattern, and old technology i suggest to start using revive adserver which is open code, and well community support. the set up kinda weird, but the result should be awesome.
  9. Reid Atreides

    HELP How to Nulled Wowonder Help-me

    this should be easier: https://ratz.us/topic/65-bypass-license-on-wowonder-installation-how-to-null-script/
  10. if you want to build apk for ur wowonder, he can help you
  11. STRANDED BIRD Is addictive Game, reach higher score on Stranded Bird. This game made by buildbox software have over 20+ Random generate level make it more challenger. you can add admob banner & interstitial and easy to get more revenue from this game. You must have to buy extended license if you plan to add IAP to your version of this template Demo: https://10-d.tk/h2q0d Download: Zippyshare: https://10-d.tk/5ehep Mediafire: https://10-d.tk/-woxu
  12. Oh i am so sorry, my friend. i only tried timeline apps for mobile (android) .. haven't try for desktop
  13. Reid Atreides

    Does the timeline application work?

    its work. i currently using this. However, its work "properly" if you use default theme of wowonder. if you are using wonderful theme, few button lost its function and sometime trigger force error on android device

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