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  1. INFO: This script is great. Any have it? https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-clone-in-ionic-2-and-firebase/19430529 VERSION: DEMO LINK: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-clone-in-ionic-2-and-firebase/19430529 DOWNLOAD LINK:
  2. jonatasborges

    HELP Wowonder Api

    Yes and not. Ionic allow create html "offline" gadgets, than get experience on hybrid app similar of native app. In fact, the difference between a well-made ionic application and a native application is only in the communication between the app and the server. While the native app only consumes json data (which in theory is lighter than the html + javascript that arrives in the webview) the ionic applications receive the rendered page. If you make an ionic application with the javascript offline files, and inserting elements like the navigation bar, the application will be the same as the native in terms of performance. I built both applications, but due to the wowonder API being too bad yet, focus on the native application advertising. Example: With wowonder it is only possible to photo in comments with hybrid application, since the API "get_news_feed" only provides the comment and emoji data. While the API does not mature, and for it to begin mobile development, I indicate ionic, Once it learns javascript, writing the native code in nativescript or reactnative becomes very easy.
  3. jonatasborges

    HELP Wowonder Api

    Using wowonder API you need only made POST to link api, and caught json data. Any api links you need to made GET call. Example: https://demo.wowonder.com/get_news_feed This let to feed. I Build my own app, more I don't explanation what is my website and app, for security reasons (I have 500k users). But can help in build universal app better than bundle timeline (than is horrible). If you do not is familiar with native apps, try ionic, is the most fast way, because you do not will need learn http post with volley, only insert links
  4. The app than you use DON'T IS NULLED! Your domain will go to blacklist. Only download Aliu script of messenger, or you will are in trouble.
  5. Is same file uploaded for sadiq on BBF without any change !
  6. Great job bro, thanks for your support. You, Sadiq and EKG lately have a great job on BBF and have contributed spectacularly to it, congratulations!
  7. jonatasborges

    REQ Wowonder messenger 1.6.1

    Sadiq uploaded it
  8. Very good. Thanks for share it
  9. Please, uploaded this nulled version
  10. jonatasborges

    GET Wowonder messenger 1.6

    I have the SDK 26 installed. Send me the project I build for you now.
  11. You need be BBF member to downloading files. after 10 posts, or donate money you can download any file of site (than not be BBF exclusive)

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