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  1. Hi guys, you will have the latest version 7.0.2 publisher version voided. I have the themesforest package but without cancellation
  2. Thank you very much for your last contribution friend :3
  3. Hello friend, of course I subscribe You will have the key of the zip file :3
  4. KarmenSolis

    I Think i need to quit now !!!

    Hi friend. I do not know what happened but I'm very sorry that you left, I came to this community and you were the first to help me. I learned from your advice and help by packing some wowonder apks for some :D. That you are good friend :3
  5. Hi Savas. One question, how is the theme activated: D? At the moment of installing the theme in wp it asks for immediate activation but it is with the themeforest code. I thought it was some modified file like the NEWSMAG or NEWPAPER 8 themes but it is not like that. You would help me with that information ^ - ^ Thank you @savas
  6. Hello friends. what happens with the link of that site that does not work? regards
  7. Hi. Why do you say they do not work? Greetings.
  8. KarmenSolis

    GET King - WordPress Viral Theme

    Hi Savas. thank you very much regards
  9. It must be the server configuration because I use the same script and it works very well.
  10. I know, but it downloads directly from the servers and the speed is good. I only have 10 mbps it did not take that long. It will also help you compile the following messenger and timeline updates. regards
  11. You have to download visual studio and the add-ons that are shown in the video
  12. Hi. I leave the link for you to prepare your visual study. Follow the steps is very easy to package applications;)
  13. Thank you very much, working perfectly
  14. Hi. Have you already verified the messenger and timeline application on your website?
  15. Hello Friend. Thanks for the contribution, will you have version 1.2.1 of this script? regards

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