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  1. try this one nextpost-auto-post-schedule.zip
  2. One of the sickest Instagram tool I've played with thus far. Besides this Instagram downloader, Grids is a beast. I like it so much I bought it...it's only 7 bucks...so review it and buy it when you get a chance...Peace Grids_for_Instagram_4.5.11.zip
  3. Knock yourself out...Peace Elementor Pro 1.9.2.rar
  4. Sup people....here's the latest King Media...Good script. Wish you well with this script. UPLOAD.zip
  5. Here you go champ...I have both ^^ plugins as well but Arek already shared. UPLOAD.zip
  6. HOW TO NULLED IT? Open this file: Code: /assets/includes/function_general.php Find this: Code: function check_($check) { $siteurl = urlencode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); $file = file_get_contents('https://www.wowonder.com/purchase.php?code='.$check.'&url='.$siteurl); $check = json_decode($file, true); return $check; } function check_success($check) { $siteurl = urlencode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); $file = file_get_contents('https://www.wowonder.com/purchase.php?code='.$check.'&success=true&url='.$siteurl); $check = json_decode($file, true); return $check; } Replace with: Code: function check_($check) { $siteurl = urlencode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); //$file = file_get_contents('https://www.wowonder.com/purchase.php?code='.$check.'&url='.$siteurl); $check = array('status' => 'SUCCESS', 'url' => $siteurl, 'code' => $check); return $check; } function check_success($check) { $siteurl = urlencode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); //$file = file_get_contents('https://www.wowonder.com/purchase.php?code='.$check.'&success=true&url='.$siteurl); $check = array('status' => 'SUCCESS', 'url' => $siteurl, 'code' => $check);
  7. Easily add YouTube videos to your WordPress website with WP YouTube Hub, the YouTube video importer plugin for WordPress The plugin is a YouTube video importer and it gives you the possibility to automatically create WordPress posts from YouTube searches, channels, user uploads or playlists. The posts created by the plugin will have complete details filled automatically: post title, post content, category, tags, featured image, publish date and video embed. Additionally, it can be customized to fill any custom fields needed to display your videos and create the perfect video blog. Save time by eliminating tedious, repetitive copy/paste actions The plugin will take care of inserting video content into the right places. From post title and content to publishing date, featured image, category and tags, everything is taken care of. Concentrate on creating and finding high quality YouTube videos instead of managing video posts in WordPress By being able to automatically import videos from YouTube channels, user uploads or playlists you can dedicate more time to finding or creating awesome videos that you can publish on your website. Bring your WordPress video website to a whole new level with all the new content it can add By allowing you to combine multiple YouTube sources that you can import from, you are not able to create a website that covers a specific subject. Import large quantities of YouTube videos Having the ability to automatically import videos at intervals and in quantities that you specify, you can quickly create video content on your website without a problem. Synchronize YouTube channels with your WordPress website When new videos are added to YouTube channels or playlists, or a user that you follow uploads a new video, the plugin will import it automatically and keep your website up to date. Take the pain out of organizing the video posts Import videos into categories that you choose or allow the plugin to import YouTube categories and place your videos into them. On top of that you can also import and assign the video tags from YouTube. User tested and constantly improved Having a few years on the market and being used by more than a thousand official users, the plugin is constantly improved based on the suggestions received during all this time. Support comes from no other than its author so if you need help with anything just leave a comment and you’ll surely receive assistance. WP YOUTUBE IMPORTER NOTABLE FEATURES Compatible with various premium WordPress themes The plugin is compatible by default with several premium WordPress video themes: Avada, True Mag, NewsTube, GoodWork, SimpleMag, Sahifa, Betube, Enfold and more. Besides these themes it can be easily made compatible with any WordPress theme by just using a few filters and actions. Bulk video import WP YouTube Hub gives you the possibility to import as many as 50 videos at once with a single click of a button. You can even edit the contents of each video before importing them to make sure that only what you actually need is getting into the post content of the videos you import. Automatic scheduled imports Want to import videos from YouTube channels as soon as they are made available after publishing on YouTube? Want to keep your video blog in sync with playlists or user uploads? No problem! Just create a few automatically importing playlists and you’re done! The plugin will take care of everything else so that you can take care of more important things. Customize the content that gets imported Choose to import categories but not tags. Or the other way around. Or even both. Choose which image format sohuld get set as posts featured image. Import titles and descriptions or skip them. Import the excerpt. Set any custom field automatically. The choice is yours! No matter what kind of website you run, there’s always a solution to have perfect video posts. Import as any registered WordPress post type By default, the plugin imports videos as post type video but that’s not written in stone. Using some of the plugin filters, you can import videos as any registered WordPress post type. Display imported videos in playlists Create playlists on your website and display them using shortcodes or widgets. Simple and efficient! Get yourz: http://d.pr/f/PYIvhe

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