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Tired of advertising? Donate! Its hard to hold forum ... if u got beter ads alternative offer to @savas thanx


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  1. GET Updates for Wowonder

    This thread is where i will upload all update files for Wowonder Starting of with 1.5.3 Change-log 1.5.3: Added new powerful admin panel. Added push notification system for all site notifications. Added the abiltiy to disable wonder/dislike buttons. Added new API files, find friends, events, stories create groups pages and events. Added support for Opera mini and UC browsers. Fixed 15+ reported bugs. wowonder-update-1.5.3.zip
  2. Please update download link as it’s dead within 5 days
  3. Seems like a htaccess error but tbh make sure it been uploaded or have you uploaded to a subdomain
  4. GET Need code purchase wowonder 1.5.2

    All I can say here if you are wanting it so bad go support the Author and buy it
  5. 2.0.4 - 29 August 2017 Improved security sales page phpsound-204.rar
  6. GET Wowonder1.5.2 update

    Change-log: 1. Added privacy option for users “Share my location with public?” 2. Added friends stories to home page. 3. User now can view his own ads. 4. Added the option to upload images to blog system. 5. Added multi currency in classified. 6. Improved admin panel, changed tables to datatable.js 7. Improved the ads view design. 8. Added video chat API for the windows application. 9. Added ads prices in craete ads page. 10. User can't create ads if wallet is empty. 11. Fixed 40+ reported bugs / improvements. wowonder1.5.2.zip
  7. REQ WoDark - Theme for WoWonder

    I love this theme, just waiting for the update. It's really nice a must have
  8. A link or a demo to what you want would give people a better understanding to what you need and may able to help faster
  9. SUGGEST Need help

    I have a good friend that can null WordPress scripts send me the files am sure he may have already nulled them
  10. GET Retail wowonder v1.5

    Update 1.5.1 wowonder-1.5.1-update-bestblackforum.rar
  11. GET Retail wowonder v1.5

    Updates Version 1.5 8/24/2017 codecanyon-13785302-wowonder-the-ultimate-php-social-network-platform.zip
  12. Update version 4.8 – 24 July, 2017 - Integration of MSG91 SMS gateway - Ability for users to attach a file while sending a private message - Minor Bug fixes - Performance improvements Ekattor School Management System Pro v4.8.zip
  13. Hi yes please share away
  14. HELP Error WoWonder

    I could help more but I can't see what you have modified or changed to give more assistance
  15. VERSION 2.5.3 (05 AUGUST 2017) Review posting issue solved Compare icon problem fixed in single product Videos playback issue in lightbox solved Lightbox javascript updated All reported and known issues are fixed codecanyon-8674943-arena-products-store-wordpress-plugin.zip

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