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  1. MachiAkd

    What social networking system is better?

    It is not my opinion, but a script that is not in the "original survey" as the Social Engine, which without a doubt is the best and second is the crea8social, both Wowonder and the rest have to work hard to become like Crea8social and let's not even talk about becoming like the Social Engine, which is far superior.
  2. It does not work well, it does not show the vertical main menu where all the functions of the site are shown in the demo on the crea8social page. https://demo.crea8social.com/feed
  3. MachiAkd

    crea8social 7.1 nulled Crea8social 7.1 nulled

    Yes, I did my part and replaced the file but it weighed the same as the previous file and the same error continues. Thanks!
  4. MachiAkd

    crea8social 7.1 nulled Crea8social 7.1 nulled

    What would be the path where I should replace the file?

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