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  1. Miner on site

    I see some sites mining BitCoin via PHP or JAVASCRIPT, someone would have information where to find it?
  2. Looking for My Social Network (App and Website) v3.7 https://codecanyon.net/item/my-social-network-app-and-website/13965025
  3. Vibe Theme for phpSound [29 September 17] codecanyon-14832481-vibe-theme-for-phpsound UPDATE29-09.zip
  4. Looking for Elite Video Player v2.3.2 WordPress plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/elite-video-player-wordpress-plugin/10496434?s_rank=1https://econull.net/scripts/wordpress-plugin/elite-video-player-v2-3-2-wordpress-plugin.html
  5. REQ oxyclassifieds 9.2

    OxyClassfield 9.2 + BugFix 9.2.1 bugfix-9.2.1.zip OxyClassifieds-v9.2.zip
  6. [RETAIL]phpVibe 5.94 + Plugins [NEED NULL] Plugins Video Slider Regular Sitemap (v4/5) Izlesene embed sourcee Tumblr like activity Adult Warning Disqus 2 (v4 & v5) Ustreamtv embed source[Broken External Image]:https://i.hizliresim.com/XXZWNo.pn Phpvibe 5.94 Full Package by hackedby.net.zip
  7. you have version 1.9.1?
  8. Expermental server!

    hmm... My Server 8GB RAM and 2TB hd full dedicaded 160BRL/m
  9. Hello, In the folder it says it's 5.0.4

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