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  1. milw0rm

    TUTORIAL Security : AntiDDos for website

    edit the first step ! CREATE TABLE `ddos_blacklist` (`ip` VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL); CREATE TABLE `ddos_temp` (`ip` VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL, `time` INT NOT NULL, `faktor` INT NOT NULL);
  2. First of all: Of course you are not completely freed by this script of DDoS attacks, but you can always contain them. The way the script works is actually very simple: At the beginning, the blacklist table is queried as to whether the visitor IP occurs there. If this is the case, the visitor or the attacker is redirected to Google. If the IP address does not occur, it is checked whether it occurs in the temporary table: If not, an entry of the IP incl. Time and a factor of 1 is stored there. If so, the distance between this and last visit is checked: If it is too low, the factor is increased by 1 and the current time is saved. Once the factor arrives at 20 (which almost never happens to "normal" visitors), the IP will be blacklisted and redirected the next time the website is accessed. Set up The installation of the script is very simple and it only takes three small steps: 1. The PHP script requires a MySQL database with two tables. These are generated by the following SQL commands: CREATE TABLE `ddos_blacklist` (`ip` VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL); CREATE TABLE `ddos_temp` (`ip` VARCHAR (15) NOT NULL, `zeit` INT NOT NULL, `faktor` INT NOT NULL); 2. Set up script -> Now you have to customize the entire script to your liking and save it anywhere on your webserver: <?php /**** * Anti-DDoS Script * Version 1.0 * (c) 2017-2018: milw0rm - admin@putinstresser.eu * ****/ //setup// //DB-Connect// $mysqlhost = "localhost"; $mysqluser = "DB-User"; $mysqlpwd = "DB-Passwort"; $mysqldb = "DB-Name"; //First Step.. //mysql_query("CREATE TABLE `ddos_blacklist` (`ip` varchar (15) NOT NULL)"); //mysql_query("CREATE TABLE `ddos_temp` (`ip` varchar (15) NOT NULL, `zeit` int NOT NULL, `faktor` int NOT NULL)"); $MaxDiff = 2; //Max connect $MaxFaktor = 20; //Max. Faktor Connect. ///End of Setup/// $UserIP = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; //UserIP Variable save $PHPtime = time(); //Time in variable save //connect to mysql server $connection=mysql_connect($mysqlhost, $mysqluser, $mysqlpwd); mysql_select_db($mysqldb, $connection); //IP in BlackList-DB find.. $blRequest = "SELECT COUNT(ip) FROM `ddos_blacklist` WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"; $blRequestResult = mysql_query($blRequest); $blResult = mysql_fetch_row($blRequestResult); $blacklisted = $blResult[0]; //If there exists: diversion if ($blacklisted != 0) { header('Location: https://fbi.gov/'); exit; } //IP in Temp-DB search $tdbRequest = "SELECT COUNT(ip) FROM `ddos_temp` WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"; $tdbRequestResult = mysql_query($tdbRequest); $tdbResult = mysql_fetch_row($tdbRequestResult); $templisted = $tdbResult[0]; //IP is in TempDB? if ($templisted == 0) { mysql_query("INSERT INTO `ddos_temp` (`ip`, `time`, `faktor`) VALUES ('$UserIP', '$PHPtime', 1)"); //Not yet available, so create an entry } //IP is in TempDB? if ($AbfrageTDB == 0) { mysql_query("INSERT INTO `ddos_temp` (`ip`, `time`, `faktor`) VALUES ('$UserIP', '$PHPtime', 1)"); //Not yet available, so create an entry } else { //Time insert in DB $dbTimeRequest = "SELECT `time` FROM `ddos_temp` WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"; $dbTimeRequestResult = mysql_query($dbTimeRequest); $dbTimeResult = mysql_fetch_row($dbTimeRequestResult); $DBTime = $dbTimeResult[0]; Save current PHP time $PHPtime = time(); // save current PHP time $Differenz = $PHPtime-$DBZeit; //Determine the difference between DBTime and PHPtime //If difference is greater than $MaxDiff (s.o.) if($Differenz < $MaxDiff) { //Faktor from DB reading $dbFaktorRequest = "SELECT `faktor` FROM `ddos_temp` WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"; $dbFaktorRequestResult = mysql_query($dbFaktorRequest); $dbFaktorResult = mysql_fetch_row($dbFaktorRequestResult); $dbFaktor = $dbFaktorResult[0]; //Increase factor locally by 1 $NewFaktor = $dbFaktor + 1; //Write local factor in DB mysql_query("UPDATE `ddos_temp` SET `faktor` = '$NewFaktor' WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"); } $PHPtime = time(); // save current PHP time mysql_query("UPDATE `ddos_temp` SET `time` = '$PHPtime' WHERE `ip` = '$UserIP'"); //Save current time in DB // $MaxFaktor if ($NeuerFaktor == $MaxFaktor) { mysql_query("INSERT INTO `ddos_blacklist` (`ip`) VALUES ('$UserIP')"); // put IP on BlackList mysql_query("DELETE FROM `ddos_temp` WHERE `ip`= '$UserIP'"); //Delete this entry from TempDB } } ?> 3. Include script In your website, you must now embed the script by copying the following code at the beginning of each file or a global header file: include('anti_ddos.php');
  3. Hello this is leaked GameHosting provider from Serbia GameHosting Website GamePanel Website Admin Webinterface Website Original SQL Original Files AutoPayments CMS NO !!! -> backdored...:!!!! You Can host : CS 1,6, CSGO, ARK, Minecraft, TeamSpea3, Webhosting etc. Original Website Live : https://www.cybershark.rs/ Original GamePanel Interface : https://gamepanel.cybershark.rs/ Check and have fun : https://github.com/m1lw0rm/cybershark.rs-leaked
  4. milw0rm

    GET PutinGuard VPN

    Version 1.0.0


    VPN Launcher by me Source free download


  5. milw0rm


  6. Has anyone wowonder timeline Nulled but that it works too? Or can someone tell me exactly where in the code is the function where is checked if I have a purchased version or not ..
  7. If the developer brings update out, I will release the update for download directly. But right now it is only for ...
  8. milw0rm

    need some help for null wowonder native app v2

    Yes sure.
  9. My idea is temporary, of course it is better to delete the backdoors
  10. block all requests from IP : on your server and done!

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