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  1. Thanks Michellhdz, I'll have this fix for you. Update: download the mac version at bootstrapstudio.io then tell me if that works. Send me a PM
  2. l0g1c

    GET Bootstrap Studio

    Which OS?
  3. Bootstrap Studio 4.2.0 cracked version is here and it includes the MAC Version that is pre-activated as well, so MAC USERS GET EXCITED TOO.
  4. l0g1c

    GET Bootstrap Studio

    It's disabled for your safety, unless you want the original owner knowing your using a null software as it publishes to there free host.
  5. Right here is the only place on the internet to currently download Bootstrap Studio version 4.1.7 cracked. It is the latest version of bootstrap studio. Enjoy!
  6. l0g1c

    GET Bootstrap Studio

    Version 4.2.0


    Download Bootstrap Studio - Pre-Activated Bootstrap Studio : is an awesome web designing tool to create highly responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework, create impresive beautiful, and responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework. Features of Bootstrap Studio : Sleek, simple, intuitive, and very easy to use. Import and edit CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Supports auto suggest and rule validation. Powerful feature to synchronize components. Open your design in multiple web browsers. HTML Editing with Custom Code component. Create, resize and offset columns Grid. Import Google Webfonts and manage your fonts. Gives you full control over your designs. Bootstrap Studio comes with a large number of built-in components, including Headers, Footers, Forms, Navigation, Articles, Media, Galleries, Slideshows, You can preview what’s changes to your projects in realtime, generate, and publish your beautiful HTML for you, which looks as if it was written by an expert. Bootstrap Studio has a simple, powerful, and beautiful interface, which is built around the simplicity of drag and drop to assemble responsive web pages.


  7. I'm currently building a script that will quickly compare two project files or scripts.. then show us the differences, then have the option to quickly decide which differences we want to keep then has the ability to merge the files. It almost completed the script does exactly what I want it to do just working on cleaning up the GUI/Design portion. This type of script would allow you to find what the nuller did to null a script if comparing a Nulled vs Not Nulled version of the same script. It would also allow you to Null the latest version of the script by comparing the nulled old version with the not nulled newer version quickly by applying which code you want to keep from the old version on the fly in just a few clicks. It would allow you to update custom modified code/scripts to the newer version in a breeze without having to hire a developer to spend hours to update your custom modified script version to the new updated version. Will work with any script/project in any coding language of up to 100mb in size to compare against each other. The script would do many other things but this is the main focus points. Now lets get to the point of this thread. My main reason for posting this is to find out how many people here would be interested in using such software?
  8. Looking to null this for the community need not nulled files or retail files.
  9. If you happen to have a Retail or Not Nulled Script, you can pm me the download link or post the download link here. I will "Null" the scripts and post them for the community, for quick nulling a non encrypted version is needed. Ioncube and Zend encrypted scripts are welcome but will take much much longer to null.
  10. l0g1c

    Can't Download fromt he Downloads SECTION

    Works now, Can close thread. Thanks

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